Screwing Off on a School Night…

Decided to drop into a “Latin Dance” class series this week – with the need to step up my workouts and my adoration of dance, it just made sense.  Just 2 hours a night, for three nights.  i recruited some of my local theater-posse to share the pain salsa-love. 

Last night the session focused on Salsa* – and we were informed that we’d be learning the basics, then “building” new moves over the next two nights as well. 

Holy. Crap.

i’m clearly a “Freestyle” performer.  “What do you mean i need to keep my feet doing that back and forth thingie while i start dragging my arms around my partners head like i’m wrapping him in spaghetti?”  This was a true test of coordination.  Oh, and i failed. 

i can do feet.  i can do hands.  i cannot do both at the same time…

The Meringue** was much more fun, and a helluva lot easier!  Imagine your ankles are chained together***.  Alternate knee bends, while keeping your feet on the floor and shuffling around with a healthy butt-wiggle.  Major lower body action as a result of the foot/knee movement.  Oh, and remember to keep your upper body still.

Ridiculously Cute, Hardbodied, Puerto-Rican Instructor Lady:  Remember, everybody is asleep upstairs, while there’s a party going on downstairs.

Lots of fun, successful workout.  My ass hurts. 

From there, off to drink beer – $2 Pint Night at a local pub.  And Karaoke!  Woo-hoo!  Once i’d ascertained that the local talent was lacking, daisyfae got up to belt out a few tunes.  After the second number, i had a table full of drunken groupies. 

Big fun… My ass and throat hurt this morning, and i’d felt like i’d been “ridden hard and put away wet” as i dragged myself out of bed to get to work by 7:30.  And to think i had that much fun on a school night fully clothed?


* Mmmm… “salsa”

** Mmmmm…. “meringue”

*** Mmmmm… “chains”

Lighting up the dance floor

Over the weekend, i attended a charity “April Fool’s Costume Ball” – DJ’d by none other than my friend Joey London, who flew into town on his solar powered Lear Jet to spin tunes for a good time and a good cause.  Completely stumped for costume ideas, i pulled an idea from my ass at the last minute, arriving at something fun, yet comfortable enough for a long stint on the dance floor.

A German General officer’s hat (quite similar to the one below) and my favorite party geek toys on my fingers (not to mention a collection of flashing LEDs attached to my hair, and various parts of my clothing)…. Wearing all black, it made for some big fun on the dance floor.


There was a theme to my costume…  Unfortunately, only a few folks guessed right away.  I was mistaken for a “lost raver” as well as “Madonna”…  A “Biker chick with robot hands” was another guess…

C’mon… It wasn’t that hard!  Take a guess…

Danced like a machine for 3 hours straight… Great crowd.  Youngest person there was probably 30.  Oldest?  60’s!  Didn’t matter!  So very nice to have an opportunity to dance, drum and be “tribal” in a non-club, non-meat market environment. 

i hope i never get too old for this… Sheer joy… and playing conga drums with my LED-encrusted fingers?  Major trip for those happy hippies who were eating the brownies!


I don’t wanna work…

The beauty of a New Years Eve houseparty?  Booting that ‘countdown thing’ if there’s a good tune being spun at midnight.

We danced through it.  Did a ‘time-shifted’ version a few minutes after midnight to allow folks to down the champagne and get in a good snog.  Rather than deal with that moment as a single gal, i cleverly performed the countdown using the conga drum pair in the percussion section of the dining room dancefloor. 

Great bash…  You could imagine lovely silver serving dishes with psilocybin and Snickers Bars being passed.  It is all about presentation, you know…

Tactical error of the night (Trailer Park Moment?) – always wear proper attire to an event where you expect to dance.  The DJ/Host was spinning everything from techno to zydeco, seasoned with James Brown, Costello/Presley fades and just a touch of New York Dolls. 

It’s a little tough to pogo and slam dance when you’re wearing a smallish halter dress – intended to debut the 2007 Model Year bionic twins.  But i managed… 

And my body feels it today… there are certain muscles one only uses for dancing.  Or maybe for…well…horseback riding?  In any case, i was a bit out of shape to survive 4 hours on the floor unwounded.

Even the palms of my hands.  Especially the palms of my hands.  A girl can only play congas for so long before becoming bruised…