Dance Your PhD

Science is beauty. 

i’ve known this for years – but now the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) has put it into practice.  For the second year, AAAS is hosting the “Dance Your PhD” contest.  And the 2009 winners have been announced!

My personal favorite was also the winner in the graduate student division.  Take a look at this – just adorable!  Sleep deprivation reaches artistic heights never before achieved!  Oh, and if you open the “more info” link on the right of the youtube link?  You might learn a little something about the Role of Vitamin D in Beta Cell Function.

Geeks rock.  Fully.

Interpretive Dance of the Polypeptides

Interpretive Dance of the Socially Ridiculed Polypeptides

More from John Bohannon, aka The Gonzo Scientist, here… including video from the inaugural contest in 2008.  Oh, and in a completely related note, i’m madly in love… (sigh)  He wants me.  He just doesn’t know it yet…