Decorating on a budget

While the blogosphere is alight with various rants about:

a) Loving Christmas

b) Hating Christmas

c) Being ambivalent about Christmas

d) Being Jewish during Christmas

e) yada, yada, yada Christmas

i find myself adrift, with the relentless annual cacophony blasting my brain from every angle.  But there was a moment last week that made me giggle… 

Leaving a meeting and heading to the back stairwell to return to my office, i spotted this li’l fella by the industrial communal shredding machine, affectionately referred to as “The Wood Chipper”*.

Sometimes the nerds i work with surprise me… and on occasion?  Delight me…

* Think of that almost final scene in “Fargo”…  this shredder will take your arm off if you get distracted…