Scuba Nuggets

No, not something accidently left in the wetsuit after a bout of “Mummy Tummy”… some random neural firings from about 4 days of salt water-based recreation…

– Lucked out:  If you’re going to be stuck on a dive boat with 16 people for a week, it’s a little bit of magic if there are no assholes in the group.  And we got the magic…  Odd collection of folks, for sure, but very cool.  And yes…. Much. Debauchery.  Oh, i’ve met my match with some of these folks!

– SCUBA Pranking:  Learned a few tricks from the seasoned divers.  If you want to tweak someone?  Load the pockets of their dive vest with bits of sausage.  After you get submerged, the sausage bits start to release from the mesh pockets, and the largish grouper come to feed… *snort*

– Night Diving:  This is just on the hairy edge of terrifying.  Add a very strong current (5mph) at about 50′?  There were about a dozen of us trying to stay in a group… Holy. Shit.  Not likely to do this again until i’m somewhere with no current… and have several thousand a few more dives under my weight belt.  Did i say “Holy Shit?”

– Surprises:  Not sure what i expected, but was stunned to see several barracuda, a few sea turtles, nurse sharks and a gigantic pregnant green eel…. had to be 6′-8′ long… But the most delightful surprise so far?  The flying fish.  Somehow i always thought they were located in the south pacific.  Schools of ’em… flying alongside the boat!  Astonishing in the sunlight!

Apologies for being absent in your comment boxes… but i’ve only got a few more days left here, and i don’t wanna miss a thing!  Surf’s up!

Night diving = terror.  Didn't even see any octupii - we were moving too fast!

Night diving = terror. Didn't even see any octupii - we were moving too fast!