Dances with Dinosaurs

With an entire week of ass-numbing meetings in a generic big city conference room, i’m paying the karmic price for the occasional cushy business trips.  In general, i enjoy my travel mates, and have had a good time drinking hanging out with a few old friends in town.

But there is this one guy who can geolocate my last nerve, and pounce upon it like a kitten on speed.  In fact, it is the gentleman responsible for the attempted smear campaign from a few months back. 

A quasi-functional dinosaur, he has led the campaign to “protect and defend” the interests of the division that has been shut down.  They will be either moving to the home office in 10 months, retiring, or finding alternate jobs. 

About a decade ago, he and i ran with the same pack of conference party dawgs, although it only took a few years for me to figure out that he was a shit weasel – and i put up distance.     What pisses me off most about this oxygen thief?  To my face, he is disgusting in his sweetness.

Yesterday, during a break in the meetings, i was in discussion by the coffee urn with two colleagues – who happened to be female.  When Dinosaur McSoon-Fired approached us, he smiled ever-so-sweetly…

dinosaur:  Well, isn’t that frightening?  I’m always nervous when the women are ganging up on us.

daisyfae:  You know?  Any man frightened by strong women needs to go home and take a good long look in the mirror and wonder why he’s such a big damn chicken.  From my point of view?  Makes a great filter – i got no use for wimps.

He fumbled for a comeback, failed to find one, and shuffled past us to the little dinosaurs room.  Perhaps to look in the mirror.

The other two women?  They were both sporting saucer eyes, and remained speechless.

daisyfae:  Look, i’ve been dealing with this crap from him for over ten years.  He asked for it…

And so that’s where we left it – tomorrow morning is the final cage match.  Showdown at the Not-Really-OK Conference Room. 

Bring it, you shriveled, pathetic sackless waste of carbon…  Asteroid daisyfae is about to drop some galactic whupass in your lap.