He’s consistent, but…

There’s one in every organization – The Big Stubborn Dumb Guy (The BSDG).  Scott Adams, who brings us Dilbert, features such a critter from time to time.

Today?  i had the pleasure to be forced to* sit in a meeting with one of our own oxygen thieves**,  participating via video teleconference.  This weekly “brown bag cluster fuck working meeting” is supposed to be one we attend “as available”.  i have been chastised for being magically unavailable*** on Tuesdays by my friend, T, who essentially owns those of us with a common organizational function****.

The BSDG is a significant reason for my Tuesday Houdini Routini.

Today?  No surprises.  Hash, rehash, and regurgi-hashing the same points over and over.  Things that have been discussed, resolved and RE-discussed and RE-resolved for months must be dragged out, gnawed on and revisited.  He’s not stupid man.  Quite functional in many ways.  He simply can’t tell you his name in less than 15 minutes.  And with out questioning why you are calling him by his name, and hell, who decided to use names in the first place?

Perhaps the most entertaining thing this one does is drop his self-titled “signature” line into a conversation.  To punctuate the merciful end of a meandering, circular rant, he will often close with “I may be wrong, but I’m not in doubt!”  Said loudly, with great conviction.  Sometimes?  He’ll even strike a pose.

So…  you’re consistently stupid?  Not always a good thing, is it?

Courtesy of Despair.com – i have patterned my professional life after the teachings of these brilliant souls…

* Oh, you evil Slayer of Geese, and Calmer of Stinkin’ Crybabies… that was an hour of my life you stole from me.  You owes me some pints, Muthafuckah!

** At least it was on video and he wasn’t actually sucking up my oxygen. 

*** First opportunity to schedule something – ANYTHING – on Tuesdays and i’m outta there!  i had to reschedule my [ahem] personal waxing for Wednesday this week, or i’d have been at the salon – Enduring. Much. Less. Pain.

**** At least we let him think that.  Sometimes.  When it suits our purposes.  Well, at least when we can use it to blame him for things…