i do not recall

The Boy and The Girl were home last weekend.  I had just returned from a week of travel, and the three of us were drinking catching up, while tormenting the dog.  (Note to the “Mother Of The Year” Award Nominating Committee Members?  Move along… there’s nothing to see here…)

Around midnight, the doorbell rang.  The Boy looked out the window, and said “oh, that’s D…”, and went downstairs to open the door.  Since most of his friends have been banished from the house (due to a series of incidents last summer), he stepped out on the porch to chat.

Less than 5 minutes later, he came back upstairs, looking a little rattled and confused.  “That was awkward…”

“Who was it?  What was that about?”

“It was D and his brother.  Wanting to know if I’d slept with his brothers’ girlfriend.”

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