While mucking about at home in a post-surgical narcotic-induced fuzzy place, i received a text from The Boy.  This exchange confirms, yet again, why i shall not win any Mother of the Year Awards…

The Boy:  I got a B on the paper i just turned in!

daisyfae: Cool!  i got darvocet for post-surgical pain!

The Boy: Those aren’t really that good.  You should try to get percocet.

daisyfae:  Darvocet works for me.  Guess i haven’t developed immunity…

The Boy: I have no immunity, but for actual pain they just don’t do it for me.

daisyfae: Well, i ain’t sharing anyway!

The Boy:  I would say you need it, but there’s no need to be selfish, now…

daisyfae: Suck it up and take a tylenol!*

The Boy:  I was just fucking around.  Glad you are blissfully doped up and that you are ok.  too bad, though, i had big plans for that money.

daisyfae: What’s retail?

The Boy:  if you aren’t opposed to selling to minors, you might get 3.50 each, but 2.00 is more likely

The Boy:  not that i would know.

daisyfae: just assessing market conditions.  economic downturn and all that…

The Boy: That’s true.  Those were prices from 3 years ago.  I don’t know current valuation.

daisyfae: Keep an ear to the ground.

The Boy:  i’ll put word out.


* “Suck it up and take a Tylenol” was a frequently occuring “Mom-ism” in our household.  Especially when the kids were dealing with orthodontic pain.  Needless to say, after having my braces installed a few years ago, i made the mistake of complaining about the discomfort in front of the kids.  In stereo:  “Suck it up and take a Tylenol”, shouted with evil glee…