Unbridled Joy

She was manufactured in 1974.  Back when motorcycles had banana seats and mirrors that made them look a little bit like grasshoppers.  With the help of a friend in the “chase vehicle”, i rode her home from the shop today. 

The shop?  Everything you ever want in a motorcycle repair shop.  Two guys who’ve been mechanics from birth.  Their children now working there, while going to school. 

They got a giggle out of me yesterday when i called to enquire about the readiness of my little beater.  “Tomorrow?  Fan-damn-tastic!  Momma needs her bike…”

This thing is so old it has a kick start.  Nice that it’s got an electric start as well.  When i told Joe at the shop that i needed to get comfortable with the kick start, he grinned.  i said “a friend of mine met her husband kick starting an old Ducati” and he knew exactly what i meant.  Something about “ass slappin’ on leather” that makes you smile….

Once i got over my jitters – by bopping around in the parking lot for awhile – it was into traffic.  Other than some awkwardness where boots meet gear shift, it’s working out pretty well!  Tonight, on another run with a friend, i even learned what it feels like to run out of gas. 

Fortunately i was able to ditch into a parking lot when i lost power…  Flipped to the reserve tank, and then spent a whopping $4.30 to fill the 2 gallon tank!

It’s inconsequential in the grand scheme of things.  “Mouse nuts”, as a friend of mine would say.  But the feeling when i tucked in that little beater next to my Jeep tonight in the garage?  Joy.

“Just wrap your legs ’round these velvet rims, and strap your hands ‘cross my engines!”