Trends in weight loss

Tuesday night is “Pub Night” with a collection of my theater-connected friends.  Last night, the usual suspects were collected around a plank table in a sort of new place. Known for a fine beer collection and all-day breakfasts.

Studley:  Did you see that gal?  Amazing! 

daisyfae:  What?  Huh?

Recreational Blasphemy (RB):  The one that just grabbed a beer?  Wearing shorts?

Studley:  Yeah!  Prosthetic leg, and rockin’ the ‘short shorts’!  How cool is that?

daisyfae:  Wow – sorry i missed that…

Studley:  Just like her style, and that she puts it right out there!  One nice, slim thigh, and the mechanical leg that gets her walking.

daisyfae:  You know, this could be the start of a new wave of extreme weight loss measures… Wanna lose about 40 pounds in a hurry?  Chop the legs, and replace them with lean, mean titanium prosthetics!

RB:  I have the name for those, when they go commercial:  “Slimbs”

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Water Foul

Friday afternoon happy hour, celebrating the imminent departure of my good friend, the Ninjaneer, for his new job with our offices in the Florida panhandle. 

Ninjaneer:  I’ve already found a few nice places right on the ocean!

daisyfae:  Yep, with the tar-balls washing up, suspect beachfront is a steal at the moment.

Ninjaneer:  I’m not worried.  In fact, I have already volunteered to help with clean up!  I’ll be right there on the front lines, with my bottle of Dawn dish washing liquid, ready to scrub the oil from the bodies of the college girls who frolic on the beaches there.

daisyfae:  Bad news, hotstuff.  i’ve got a far better chance of getting my hands on the college co-eds than you do!

Ninjaneer:  No way!  Let’s ask a college girl! [motions to cute college aged waitress]  Sierra?  You’re a college girl, right?  If you were covered in oil from the leaky well in the Gulf, who would you rather have wash the oil from your body – me or her?

Sierra: [Immediately points at daisyfae] Sorry…

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