Indecent exposure

A Message To The Workshop Dorkboys, meeting in Fort Myers, Florida:

Seriously.  Dudes… Have you never read Sherlock Holmes?  CLEARLY i’m coming in from the pool, as evidenced by my swimsuit, sandals and sarong.  Never mind that my hair looks like a dust devil surrounding my head…

So, as i come into the lobby and make a beeline for the fucking elevator?  It’s not a good time to say “Hey, do you have a minute to chat about Program X?” 

And you, Dude B?  When you see me backing away from  Dude A, trying to get to the elevator as i’m clutching my sarong around my nekkid shoulders?  This is also NOT A GOOD TIME to introduce yourself and say “Hi, I’m Hieronymus Oblivious from TurdTech, Unlimited… aren’t you daisyfae?  You’re on the panel tonight, right?”

i’m half naked.  i have no make up on my face.  i have hair like a hurricane.  We are in a hotel lobby, teeming with conference dweebs.  i don’t wanna chat… Your sorry ass is between me and the elevator.  Fucking move, alright?

Finally, Dickbreath J. Arrogance.  i hired you.  You have personally witnessed numerous daisyfae-fits over the past 6 years.  You know i have low tolerance for assault in public places.  Standing there – being useless while i try to extract myself from conversation with Dr. Oblivious was bad enough.  Tailing my virtually naked ass to the elevator and asking programmatic advice as i dive on the buttons?  No fucking help, dude…

Slow News Day in Geek Town

Slow News Day in Geek Town