Back in January, i was in the midst of a dreadful “Airport Refugee” phase.  Three/three on the “trips/stranded” ratio.  This has become a bit of an organizational legend… 

Last week, i was on the east coast again, and had originally planned to join one of my colleagues, AU, for an afternoon meeting as i returned to the airport.  This is the same young man who was stranded with me during the blizzard in Washington, DC at the end of January.

After two days of drinking myself silly with friends mind-numbing meetings, i was done, and decided to bag the afternoon meeting, knowing that AU would be perfectly capable of covering things without me.  Here’s the e-mail thread as we sorted logistics.

AU:  You in town?  Still going to make the 2pm?

daisyfae:  Sorry.  Succumbed to brain melt.  Would like your take on what these guys are up to when you’re back.

The next series came after the meeting was over.

AU:  Interesting work.  Novel.  May even be useful.  Let’s talk when we’re both in town.

daisyfae:  Cool!  Looking forward to the update.

AU:  Thanks for not coming by the way. I am sure that is the only reason both of my flights were on time and there was no snow.

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