Housekeeping – Another Surface Interval

Where is daisyfae? Apparently on a road to hell, as i’m seeing pavers marked “good intentions” all around me…at least when it comes to posting regularly.

Still feeling the urge to write, chewing on lots of tasty nuggets that i need to sort out. For the past few months, i have been either in manic travel mode, or mired in winter slugdom, drinking coffee in bed far too late into the morning, wondering where my ‘get up and go’ went.

The trips? Since my last travelogue, i’ve been gone a bit. Spent almost three weeks in Turkey last month, living with my daughter and her family. The little one is now a very busy toddler. She would run into my room in the morning, encourage me to sing, and then tell me (in toddler-speak) about how her night was. It was wonderful! They are all doing well, but i missed them before the taxi even got to the airport.

Christmas included a roadtrip to spend the holiday week with Studley’s children – Son, daughter-in-law, and daughter all together for a week of games, booze, trampoline park (i watched!), and time spent cooking. Also included a trip to ‘doc in a box’ due to my unexpected bout with bronchitis. Mellow, quiet, and a week spent mostly in pajamas – and virtually no photos taken.

Visited with my son and his family over Thanksgiving in November. Just flew out and back, but had a good time with the clan, and extended clan. The vampire cupcakes were a success – and Max is already planning what we’ll make on my next trip!

We spent a few weeks in Alaska in September – visiting Studley’s daughter, Pixie! Rented a camper for a week and put over 1,000 miles on it, driving as far north as Fairbanks. Alaska is the place to be if there’s a global apocalypse. The residents there are fierce, independent, and rugged to the core. Got to watch a family butcher a moose. Just something you don’t see every day…

Long camping trip out west in August – started with a few days visiting The Boy and his family, and then onward to see Badlands National Park, and visit Cheyenne, Wyoming. i have a much better appreciation for the scale of the great plains. Corn. Cows. Muledeer. Gigantic skies. On the way back, we chose to get off the interstate highway, and wander the old national road system. To say that discovering roadside attractions has become a new hobby is an understatement. We have seen — SEEN — the world’s largest popcorn ball! Life will never be the same.

Festivals, music, dancing, friends, volunteer work, planning the next trips – i am anything but bored. Perhaps just slugging my way through a touch of the winter blues. Thinking that my recent round of being stuck in bed, drinking coffee, and being unmotivated is another ‘surface interval’ for me.

Apologies for another ‘non-blog’ post, but i’m going to try again. i plan to use some of my ‘slug time’ to get back out and about in the blogosphere – hoping to catch up with my old friends in the ether. i suppose it’s possible to bring the laptop to bed while i drink my morning coffee.



10 thoughts on “Housekeeping – Another Surface Interval

    • Feeling the ticking of the clock, and know that i won’t be able to maintain this level of activity forever. It is a blast, and feeds my soul. But i’m still gnawing on things, annoying myself by going over the same ground repeatedly, and really need to do the work to get some of the things in my head sorted. Hope to stop by your place soon and see your gorgeous pictures! Hope you’re well! ā¤

    • Hi Cat! For all the ‘gnawing’, i’m very happy. Knowing that it’s only for now, makes it a little sweeter, but the free-floating anxiety about ‘but something’s bound to go wrong!’ is part of what’s rattling around in my head. Need to get back to enjoying ‘right now’…

  1. Welcome abed, buddy! Well, no, I wouldn’t welcome *anyone to my bed-it’s full of shingles germs!
    Great to see you here and even better to know you’re sifting through your mental journal. Attagirl!

    • i hope you are through the worst of it! pretty sure i’ve got some immunity since i’ve already had shingles, so i can at least bring you tea! while i’m still sorting, i’m trying to keep moving – Studley and i are off to ski this morning while we still have some snow! can’t say we’ve mastered the skills, but we keep trying, and it’s a lot of fun!

  2. Hey, sweetpea, thanks for stopping by and your kind thoughts! I’ve been nursing the MITM through his shingles and then a sinus infection, so I JUST saw your comment. What a fine bit of traveling y’all have been doing! I am impressed. xoxo

    • No worries! i’m hoping that the MITM is doing better – and that you’re getting some opportunities to take care of yourself along the way! Prepping for a few more trips before we prepare to camp out at home for the summer (who wants to travel when everyone else is on the road?)… Xoxoxo

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