Ten Years After…

As i procrastinate forge my way into the new year, it occurred to me that it was ten years ago that i wandered into the blogosphere. As a recently divorced woman with an emptying nest, and inspired by a real life friend who was a blogger from the early days, i put a toe into the blogwaters.

10th birthdayFar more disciplined (and less distracted) back then, i generally posted daily – a concept that boggles my mind. That was before Facebook, Twitter, Instagram were available to serve as host platforms for oversharing of the mundane aspects of daily life.ย  Short blasts, mostly reflecting on my days, i would dig in deep and hoark up something difficult about once a week.

People showed up. i followed a few people, commented regularly, and was honored and astonished when they would stop by my virtual trailer park and leave a comment or two. And they stayed – some of you crazy folks have been hanging around from nearly the start. Others have wandered in for a bit, and wandered off. Even though i’ve been far more sporadic of late, i still see the occasional first timer.

Initially, i expected this to be a somewhat masturbatory activity – spanking my keyboard in solitude. By the end of the first year, i’d made some virtual friends in the blogosphere. In my first year of blogging in 2008, i decided that flying to Europe to meet up with a couple of them was a grand idea – and i did so. Learning much from that trip, i did it again in 2010, meeting up with my two besties from Australia and South Africa and having quite an adventure in Greece for two weeks.

Despite wondering if i would end up abducted, robbed, or skinned, it has all worked out fabulously. The people i’ve found through this blog – and those who have stepped from the realm of the virtual to the real – have been good people, people i am glad to have as part of my world. Those i’ve never managed to meet in person, remain just as real to me.

Somewhere along that path, i stopped considering my blogmates as virtual friends. They are just as real to me as those i see on a regular basis.

From the outset i planned to write for myself, and kept this blog disconnected from my ‘real life’. i do not hump this blog to my friends to drive stats, and it continues to humble me that those who wander in and read are doing so based solely on the words that i spew into the ether…

On this 10th Birthday for The Trailer Park Refugee, i thank you for showing up, commiserating, and taking the time from your day to reach out and connect with a strange woman stranger that may only seem to exist inside of your computer, or tablet, or phone. i assure you, i am real.

The path i’ve wandered for the past decade, documented on this ol’ blog, brought me here… And i’m good – damn good – with where i’ve landed. What will the next 10 bring?

Beats the fuck outta me… but let’s go!

Here’s to a grand year ahead for all of us!

40 thoughts on “Ten Years After…

  1. Well, here we go again with another nice, shiny calendar to shred. Let’s see if we can draw more smiley faces than grumpy ones.
    Of course, if we come here that’s pretty much a given!
    I am so glad we met out there in the messy world. Here’s to more adventures in 2018!

    • Thanks for the kind words! It makes me happy that my “southern hemisphere” crew are the first to respond! We all may be a bit batty, but we are doing our part to make the earth just a teeny bit flatter!

      Agree that we need more smiley faces this year! Will do what i can… Happy new year to you, Di! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Amazing how it gets under your skin. i’ve thought i was done with blogging several times, but then something pulls me back. It’s therapeutic to create something – and then there’s that bonus of the response from around the world. Here’s to more time out here with friends in the future! Happy New Year!

  2. Congratulations on a decade, Daisyfae. I too have found the lure of instant social media a drain on my blogging. I began my blog (11.5 years now) as a way of disciplining my thoughts and wrangling them into printed words. That has happened and I have been able to self-publish some of my work. So, yes, blogging has been a boon and has helped out. Somehow, I accidentally found friends in the blogosphere as well. Your journey has been one of the joys for me, inspiring, thoughtful and always compassionate. Thank you for your sharing.

    • You were one of my first follows, dear Archie! It is the act of writing – in my case, always trying to say something in about 500 words – that supports the organizing of the thoughts. i am far happier now than when i started, but still have things that rattle around in my head that could do with a bit of sorting. i think i’ll keep at it.

      Here’s to a grand year ahead for you, good sir! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. A very happy blogoversary. Or whatever the term is.
    I am constantly amazed by the warmth, the wonder and the generosity I have found here.
    I laugh with other bloggers, I learn from them, I weep with and for them. And an given astonishing glimpses of beauty as well.

    • i think that’s a fine term! The depth of these connections is quite remarkable. i was only scammed once – a blogger pretending to be someone he wasn’t suckered a lot of people in as an attempt to profit from a book he was writing. Other than that, it’s been a very good experience. We do laugh, cry, learn and share. i am not ready to walk away anytime soon…

      Happy new year, EC! Here’s to a very good year ahead for you! โค

  4. I love that word Elephant’s Child. Happy Blogoversary Daisyfae, May you have a fabulous 2018 and more. I am looking forward to you popping into my feed box over and over again, the timing of your Blogs always seems to be just when I need a smile lol x x x x

    • i am enjoying catching up on your adventures (although i’m a bit behind at the moment due to holiday travels). It’s been quite the adventure just being out here and meeting you all – and i’ve realized that i no longer need to put the word “meet” in quotations when referring to connections made out here! Happy New Year, kerriann! Onward!

  5. Dang. It didn’t occur to me but that means I’m right behind you. We were birthed almost simultaneously. Same gene pool, too. Did you go through all the various phases? Hoping for a giant audience. Disappointment when an agent didn’t contact you. Accepting a small but dedicated following. Casual enjoyment.

    Girl 21, boy 19. Heh. Lots of water under the bridge.

    • Absolutely went through those phases… Fame, fortune and huge audience proved quite elusive, but i’ve settled into a very comfortable place with the people who do take time to stop by and say ‘hi’. It’s enough.

      Still toying with using this as the foundation for a memoir. There are some great writing workshops here in town, and i’ve considered taking the plunge. But that post-retirement “free time” has proved as elusive as the fame and fortune! The arc of the relationship with my extended family, my journey as a late-blooming party gal, the raising of the spawn… there are stories in there that i’d still like to broadcast further.

      Yeah, The Girl is 31, and The Boy actually MADE IT to 29!!! We’re off to spend a month with her in Turkey, after dancing through the wickets to get a visa. Should be festive! Certainly a little warmer than here…

  6. Happy New Year and Happy Blogging Anniversary!
    Like you, I began my blog pre-Facebook, and used to post at least 3 times a week. These days if I manage twice a month it feels like a real achievement. I’ve also made good friends, and even met a small handful of them in person.
    I’m delighted to add you to my blog list and hope that one day we can meet up for a coffee (assuming one of us manages to cross the Atlantic first…)

    • Thanks, Kim! As much as Facebook scratches some of the itch, i do not feel the same level of connection out there as i’ve felt ‘in here’, so that keeps pulling me back. There’s a good chance that Studley and i will be doing a walking tour of Ireland within the next few years, and would certainly want to meet up for a coffee, or pint! Happy New Year!

  7. Wow, many returns of the anniversary, daisyfae! I just went back and looked at my first blog post and found it was from 2009, so I’m right behind you. I never expected anyone would want to read my blatherings, but apparently some did. After my mom died in 2012, I compiled all my posts about her (Notes from the Elder Care Underground) into a self-published paperback, of which I’ve seen about $12.47 in profit in the ensuing four years. But it was good therapy. My greatest thrill was when the website Crooks and Liars linked to a post of mine about Bristol Palin visiting our local Walmart for a “book” signing. I netted over 4,000 page views in a couple of days and nearly wet myself in excitement. All that dropped back to the usual 10 to 50 range pretty quickly, so I have no problem maintaining what passes for continence now. I do consider you a valued friend, along with others I’ve “met” online this way—from North Carolina to Wales in the UK. You all have inspired me, made me laugh and, sometimes, cry. Keep on a bloggin’, daisyfae!

    • The cathartic and therapeutic nature of blogging is perhaps the most important thing – i am still considering ‘the book’, but know deep down that it would ultimately just sit somewhere on a shelf. No book tour. No Colbert. Not even a local podcast… don’t think i’ve ever had a 4000 day! one post that had a weird photo of a ground hog with a machine gun still holds my record of about 10,000, but that wasn’t about the writing, and it was over the course of several years. not suitable for pant-wetting!

      Here’s to you and the Texas crew! Happy New Year!

  8. Happy Blogday Ms. Daisy, as a long time reader i still have my Daisy Discount Card in my wallet ๐Ÿ™‚ if you have a party i’ll bring some of my special brownies to celebrate and i will now raise the ceremonial bong in your honor!!! i’m proud to be a member of the wonderful group of misfit toys that is the Trailer Park, here’s to ten more…

    • You are amongst the earliest visitors here… we are still trying to figure out how to get to the ‘burgh. Did i ever tell you that Studley is from Belle Vernon? Given the big trips coming up, unlikely to eek out a long weekend until April, or after that August, but we’ll keep looking for that window! Thanks for your wisdom, taste in music, and uncanny ability to always say just the right thing to keep me from jumping when my son was in the wilderness. You saved me from more darkness, and gave me hope that he’d get to the other side. Xoxo

  9. Congrats on blogging on or is it keep on keeping on? I started in 2006 but really didn’t get going until about 2010. I discovered women, in general, are better at blogging but really since they typically come with better social skills it makes sense. I found this same community feeling and plan to stick with it. At one point I think it did become a bit too exciting/enticing for me. Real life has to remain the main focus. So I slowed down the posting/commenting. Yes I’m still amazed that people I’ve never met in real life will leave great comments about my ramblings.

    • It’s odd – i didn’t recognize that blogging was a social thing until i started doing it. It was to be a place for me to use the discipline of the “publish” button to organize thoughts – thinking a few people might stop by. It truly is social – and has been a wonderful thing for my life! But like you, real life is more important – and has to stay a priority! i thought after retirement i’d have loads of free time to catch up on my reading, but that hasn’t played out in the first 6 months! Too many other things to do! Happy New Year!

  10. I very much know you are real. Totally enjoyed the couple of times we connected IRL. Also our ongoing friendship. Grateful to Nurse Myra for sending me your way. You were very encouraging when I started blogging. Met a lot of virtual friends through you that I still have contact with. It’s been a fun ride.

    • one thing i miss post-retirement? business trips that took me all over the place and provided opportunities to have coffee with my blogmate in Seattle! also got to stay in fancy-schmantzy hotels (is the Hotel 1000 still a thing, or has it morphed into something else now?).

      you have been one of the bright spots for me, and i’ve enjoyed learning to see the world through your eyes! here’s to adventures ahead for both of us! Studley’s daughter has Seattle on the list of potential landing sites, so we may be out there on a regular basis if that happens! Xoxoxo

  11. I also know you are real, although I have yet to meet you IRL. Maybe someday. My first post was in July of 2006. My God, it doesn’t seem like that long. I got sucked away by Facebook, but have become very disenchanted with it and have now eliminated it from my life. Hopefully my blog friends will start to show up, along with some of my other friends.

    It really has been quite the ride! So glad I met you, dear friend.

    • Happy New Year! i saw that you’re back to blogging, too! Facebook has been ok, but yeah… it’s still facebook. i’m out there far less than i used to be, and i’m better for it. The blog allows thoughts, concepts, depth that just can’t happen out there. If i can get some moments of downtime i’ll be back to catch up at The Havens soon. Once we hit a thaw, the little camper thingie will be taking us all over – and a stop to visit is high on the list. About time we met in person! Xoxoxo

        • Exactly that! i’m still doing a lot of volunteer work, and we’ve added daily walks – 1-2 hours – into the routine. Yoga classes, too. Oh, and then there’s nap time! Can’t miss a nap! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I think it’s about 10 years since I’ve written on my blog….I think I just might give it a whirl again, 3/4’s of the interwebs have cats and since I just got 2 new kittens…well you know, because…antics,

    I love reading your blog and would love for you to come visit the PNW, I’ll show you around!

    • PNW is high on the list – we’re just starting to figure out where we’ll be in 2018, and if Studley’s daughter does land there, we’ll definitely be wandering through! There are NEVER enough cats on the interwebs, and i’d love to hear what you’ve been up to, so please blow the dust off of that blog! Happy New Year!

  13. Here’s to many more from you. When did I find you? I started in 2006 on the blog before the blog before this one – the year my Mum died and the plan to launch some career as the funniest blogger in the world just went out the window and the whole thing became about life and recovery for me mostly… with a fair amount about guitars as a distraction!

    • i think we connected through looby? not entirely sure, but i have enjoyed your journey, and appreciate all that you share! Here’s to a good year ahead for you and Clan Furtheron!

  14. how the fuck did i miss this? wait, i think i remember…day after and tv and football and damn cold outside and the rose parade. anyway, happy 10th, happy new year, and THANK YOU, sweetpea, for being here and for that one day when i was falling apart. xoxoxo

    • It was also your birthday, so you have some pretty good excuses! All accepted! i remember that day – lounging by the hotel pool, staying on the phone with you and sharing your angst. That was a tough day – but you are tough people!

      We’re going to get to Savannah this year i hope, and we’ll have a chance to complete that meet up! Xoxoxoxo

  15. Happy anniversary! I know I’ve been one of the wanderers, but you’re right–many blog friends are “good people”, and you’re one of the best!! If you whiz through Asheville ever, stop for coffee with me!

    • i would love to catch up with you and the clan (human and elf)! you’ve had quite a run these past few years, but it’s good to see you settled in Asheville! Thanks for hanging with me at The Park!

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