Harder to Kill: 2nd Quarter Already?

It’s true, you know. Time DOES go by faster when you’re old. Well, each day is a smaller percentage of the days you’ve lived, so if it feels that time is accelerating with the passing years, there’s good reason for that.

In my quest at self-improvement, i’ve tackled another round of resolutions and accountability. This year, focusing on becoming harder to kill, while preparing to die. After a reasonable start in the first quarter, including a micro-backslide, i’ve continued the quest.

Blogging? There’s so much i want need to write – a three part series in draft from another round of festivities in the Trailer Park, a postscript to last years ‘bridges’ that came at me out of the blue, new volunteer work that has changed my life, and wrenches in my plan to simply tumble toward retirement without working too hard… A visit from a blogmate reminded me that the connections developed over the past 8 years are deep and meaningful, and i’m a fool if i let these friendships slide into the superficial realm of “Facebook likes”.

But i’m living hard, taking care of what needs to be cared for, so for the moment, i’ll likely stay on blog hiatus until i have a chance to come up for a little more oxygen.

The TL:DR version – Still fat. Not dead. If you’ve got a short attention span, don’t bother to read the rest of this post…If you’re having trouble sleeping? Feel free to tough it out!

Harder to kill: My weight is mostly stable, down about 15 pounds for the year, with no additional significant loss this quarter. But i’m working out a lot and seeing muscles i had forgotten i had… Added some bicycling to the mix, as Studley and i are training for a 2 week European ride in the fall. i’ve finally realized that even if i’m not in optimal cycling shape when we start the tour, i will certainly be in decent shape at the end of the holiday. Probably one of the few vacations where i don’t gain weight, since we’ll be riding 30-50 miles each day.

Preparing to die: Minor progress in getting rid of things and getting organized. Continued conversations with my children regarding the future of my old doggie, who is doing pretty well considering he’s about 100 in dog years, with an over sized heart and debilitating arthritis.

Keeping him comfortable so that the kids can visit with him again when they’re home in July has taken a good deal of my energy. He’s got some gastric issues and i am spending more time than i’d like cleaning up his accidents. Continually thankful that i decided to put in vinyl plank flooring during the kitchen renovation last year, i’m in a constant state of angst, trying to get him out before he explodes with another canine Jackson Pollak piece. If he had thumbs? He’d do the same for me, so i soldier on with a case of paper towels and bleach…

i found a decent reference piece to help guide me. Assessing the HHHHHMM Quality of Life scale is a means to quantify quality of life for a pet… or i suppose any creature. Hurt, Hunger, Hygiene, Hydration, Happiness, Mobility and More good days than bad. i’ve not gone off the deep end charting these items, but i am increasingly mindful of them. It has also forced me to crawl inside his little doggie brain, and consider it from how HE is doing, not how I am doing…

For the moment? He’s wagging his tail, plays with toys, is eating and drinking, and can get around reasonably well on his own. Pain is managed through medication and massage (yes, i’m massaging those bony old hips… it seems to help).

The month ahead of me will be a blur – my daughter arrives soon, her husband to follow, and then a whirl of travels, and visits begins. We’re going to see The Boy for the long holiday weekend, and he will then come back to the roost for a few days before the end of the month. Throw in a west coast business trip for bonus miles. i’ve had to post a calendar to track all of the airline connections – not that i’m counting, but there are 32 flight segments for six people to manage in just about 30 days.

My exercise (and diet) are likely to suffer significant set backs for this month, but i’ve got August and September to get back on track before the next report at the end of the 3rd quarter.

Hope you all have been well – i’ll be out and about trying to catch up some as time permits. In the meantime? Onward!


21 thoughts on “Harder to Kill: 2nd Quarter Already?

  1. It sounds like you’re doing a fine job of living … and that’s really what it’s all about. 🙂
    So happy you’ll be spending time with your kids … your daughter and SIL have been on my mind a lot with all the craziness going on.
    I myself am in the midst of packing up my life and moving westward … Oregon.
    Done with east coast life. lol

    Stay safe my friend … you look fabulous and it’s all agreeing with you! ❤

    • Congratulations on a fresh start! Lots of challenges with such a move, but after a few days here in the mountains, I’m starting to question why I live on flat land… Both daughter and son-in-law made it through Ataturk airport hours after the bombs went off… amazing how fast it re-opened… Good luck with the transition! Looking forward to seeing smiles on the other side! 🙂

  2. Great to read your update! I, too, have thought about your daughter and SIL in Turkey and hope that they remain safe. But then, I’m a worrier. Goes along with being a grandma, I guess! Nice to hear from you again.

    • They are fine – daughter was scheduled to fly through Istanbul about 8 hours after the bombing, but got herself rebooked for a day later. Amazing how fast they got the airport operational again. Broken glass and damage still visible as they were in transit, but the planes were on time a day later…

      I miss my blogmates, and have tried to catch up periodically… as soon as I boot this 40 hours a week gig, i’ll get back to writing. Much has happened in my world, and is happening. I like to think I’m still evolving a bit along the way, and that’s part of the story… this has always been my therapy place, and my friends out there have helped me process life, the universe and everything. Feeling the need to reconnect with all of you…

      Hope all’s well in Texas…as well as it can be, anyway!

  3. Somehow I signed up for a research study on exercise zero health education and pain. I’ve been going eight weeks now, to and have another eight weeks in the study. There’s all kinds of people at all kinds of levels. I must enjoy it, I’ve already figured out they have the same program at the Y. We wear pedometers, and the researcher increases our step goals every week. I’m having a hard time meeting them lately, even with a walk to the elevator and back.
    Was glad to see your daughter home for a bit, and you going to visit your son. Sorry for your doggy troubles, give him a pet
    for me. Lacey isn’t as old zero but she’s starting to slow down a bit, too.

    • I saw your fitbit request – you’ll see that when I’m sitting on airplanes, I’m not getting many steps (as I have for the past five days). i like the awareness and goal setting with the pedometers. Most valuable to me was the sleep tracking… i still am not sleeping enough, but at least i know why!

      Doggie is doing very well, all things considered! I passed along your regards!

    • Thank you! I have been trying to get over to visit and catch up with you and others, but all that stuff going on prevents me from sitting still long enough to do anything but sleep. I thought I might catch up in airports, but that didn’t happen, so there will likely be a down night in my future…. I am still very aware of the ticking clock hanging over my head, and don’t want to postpone anything…

    • Hey, Val! Thanks for stopping by! I’m amazed at how many people still keep checking in…. it’s been quite a run since I started, and I’ve learned a lot through the years. Much more evolution ahead of me (I hope)…

  4. Happy to hear Mr Pickles is still here. HHHHHMM Quality of Life scale sounds like a very good idea for all of us. looking forward to the 3 part series about the Trailer Park.

    • Thanks for stopping by! I continue to track his HHHHHMM, and am seeing a slow decline, although new heart meds perked him back up again. To me it’s sad that my dog is getting better medical care than some of my friends – mostly because I’m lucky enough to have the resources to deal with it…

  5. I’m mostly interested in new volunteer work that changed your life. I’ve always pictured that for myself but I’m too busy treading water. Oh, and a European bike ride. I fantasize about that, as well. Hey! You’re living my dream! What’s it like?

    I’m glad to hear your kids are well. I worry about your daughter and that’s all I’m going to say about that.

    • Hey! You’re here! The Girl is in NYC this weekend with her husband, and has tickets to see Book of Mormon! She’s been prepping him with an explanation of the LDS, to help make sense, but it seems to only confuse him more! I am proud of her life choices – she’d rather take some risk and live a deliberate life of her choosing than to stay safe in the comfort zone of what she knows. We could all take a lesson from that…

      Living a good life here, indeed… but remember, when you were catting around the big city, pushing your personal limits and chasing tail, I was working 9-5, raising kids, maintaining a house, and managing a marriage that I wasn’t sure I wanted… I paid up front for what I’ve got now!

      More about the volunteer gig in a future post – I’ve got it drafted in my head. Business trip to the west coast next week may give me time to get it written…

    • This isn’t a quarter of it… I don’t sleep a lot these days. Between too many things going on, and an ancient, incontinent dog, I’m lucky to get 5 hours a night. It’s only for now, though, and I am having a wonderful time (mostly)…

    • I certainly understand – you’ve been busy… I still have some rocks to send you! Not just the two from our dive trip last February (was it really that long ago?), but a couple of bonus rocks Studley picked up while on a trip in the Middle East… Hoping things settle down shortly and I can get around to prepping several boxes for the post…

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