Not going to look it in the mouth…

“There’s a delivery for you!”

“Ummm… i don’t think i ordered anything….”

Tim has been delivering mail in my building for nearly all of the 30+ years i’ve been working there. He had the right name, and the right office, but i absolutely had no idea what could be in the small box he put in my hand.

“It’s from Amazon? i have that stuff sent home… Someone must have made a mistake, or sent me something?”

Tim stuck around to find out if he would need to re-deliver, or return, the box. i cut open the tape, and pulled out a wrapped gift.

“Well, someone sent you a present! Guess the mystery is solved!”

“Not entirely… i have no idea who would send me a gift at work!”

He started to move on to his next stop, but at this point was just as curious as i was regarding the contents of the mysterious gift box.

“Stick around! Let’s get to the bottom of this!”

Reading the Amazon gift tag, i quickly determined the source…

“Dear Daisyfae,

Hope this note holder comes handy when you need it. Thank you very much for your reference. I cannot begin to thank you enough.

From, Wei”

A few weeks earlier, i had received a request for a reference letter… A young scientist, fairly recently earning his PhD, was working through the arduous process to establish permanent residency in the U.S. It helps to have professional references included in the package.

If i know the work of an individual, i can often pull together a pretty good reference letter. It’s a small thing, and generally doesn’t take me a tremendous amount of time. i was familiar with Wei’s research area, and his work, and managed to knock out a good letter in about fifteen minutes.

Explaining this quickly to Tim, i unwrapped the paper around the box.

“i have no idea what this is… Don’t leave yet, Tim! i might need a witness!”

We both cracked up laughing as i pulled the note holder from the box. It was absolutely adorable!

the most beautiful gift ever“Bulldogs? How perfect! And Wei doesn’t even know me all that well…”

It is one of the most beautiful gifts i’ve ever received…

14 thoughts on “Not going to look it in the mouth…

    • It didn’t take me long – and who knows? It might be a really important part of his residency package… i’ve written dozens of these through the years, and have never seen more than a heartfelt thank you e-mail, or a hand shake when i next see the person. This was just the sweetest thing…

    • Gotta say, i might have shed a few tears after Tim went on about his business. He even said it was a lot nicer than most of his daily deliveries of chemicals and consumable research crap…

    • These particular bull doggies are going to roost on my desk at the office for a long time. When i start to think that humanity is headed for the dumpster, i will be reminded that there are gracious, sweet humans out there…

      • Isn’t it lovely to get a positive reinforcement that perhaps (just perhaps) there is as much good as bad in humanity. And, as I said – karma. You were humane and helpful, he appreciated it – and expressed that appreciation. Magic.

        • Truly unexpected! i’ve written enough reference letters over the years that i have a basic format in mind, and i can generally produce something tailored to the individual in a short period of time… i will always decline a request for reference if i don’t feel i can honestly provide a strong reference (it’s happened… and i’ve had to decline). This moment was a reminder that even though it isn’t much time or effort for me, that it can mean an awful lot to someone else… and i should always remember that.

    • Still made me smile as i hoarked up this bit tonight before a bike ride. A very nice moment, especially in light of the current sentiments in the US regarding immigrants…

  1. Hand-written thank-you notes are a lost art. My wife always insists that The Daughters write them for gifts received. I’m a bit of a social pig. I chalk it up more to being unaware than a bad attitude. Good thing my Bride is around.

    • Your Bride is spot on regarding the thank you notes! i forced my sprogs to do it – for every gift received that could not be followed by an immediate personal ‘thank you’. They learn how to do it, and why it matters… Sure, through the college years, they slipped… but they at least felt the guilt! i believe it has been embedded into their brains, and as they age, they’ll get back to it… as it is, they’re pretty gung ho about at least doing a ‘thank you’ by phone. Better than nothing, i supppose….

    • It’s such a delight to get a ‘thank you’ in a form other than e-mail or text! i’ve taught both of my children that it’s a great way to surprise someone, and completely make their day…

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