How do you know it’s love?

It’s cold here.  Unusual Arctic stream alignment has brought freakish cold to places that aren’t used to freakish cold.  With a side of high winds to make it more festive!

How cold is it?

Ambient temp is -10°F (-23 C).  It will be about -20° F (-29 C) tomorrow.  There is a good 30 knot wind to assure that any exposed skin feels even colder.  Wind chill is estimated to be – 45° F (- 43 C).

To put it in context?  Here are some points of reference.

Great Wall, Antarctica………………….33° F (0 C)
Mt. Olympus, Mars (estimated)………21° F (- 6 C)
Avery Ice Shelf, Antarctica……………14° F (-10 C)
Ajan, Russia (Siberia)…………………..2° F (-16 C)
Curiosity Rover, Mars (estimated)….-19° F (-28 C)

It’s warmer in Antarctica and Mars.

But i’m fortunate.  My office closed due to extreme conditions, and my home is warm and well-insulated.  i have plenty to eat, internet for connectivity, enough booze to keep the Russian Navy afloat and no shortage of projects to do around the homestead.  i can hibernate in luxury!

Oh, wait.  My dog is not toilet, or litter box, trained.  He must go out.  As an old man, he has a fairly regular schedule for his digestive processes, requiring two walks per day (along with some short mercy breaks for his ancient bladder).

Being a skier wannabe, i have perfectly suitable gear for going out in this stuff, but i was worried about the pup.  In less-freakish cold, he has had some issues with the pads of his paws on the ice.  i was afraid he’d stick to frozen ground!

Pawz to the rescue!  i found some lovely, inexpensive and stylish kicks for my dog!  Other than the dog wrasslin’ required to get them on his feet, they fit well and don’t seem to bother him once in place.

Mr. P in his purple kicks

A bit tentative at first, he still managed to do his thing…

Mr P sproinging

Smilin’ and stylin’ before long…

Mr P Snow

i used to say “How much do i love my dog?  i pick up his turds twice a day!  If that’s not love?  i don’t know what is!”

Now? i can further qualify that statement.  “i pick up his turds in Martian-cold temperatures twice a day”.

And i’m delighted that i still get to do it…

32 thoughts on “How do you know it’s love?

    • Hi Dawn! Welcome to the Trailer Park! We are also very cat-friendly here. My indoor kitty is hunkered down under his blanket, and quite thankful to be an indoor cat! Here’s looking forward to the warm up later this week!

    • Yep. This kinda sucks. But it’s not going to last long, and we had plenty of advance notice so we could prepare. If i didn’t have to walk the pup, i would be quite comfortable staying inside for 2 days. i was in most of the day yesterday, too. Three days of indoor camping? Not the worst thing…

    • We took a very nice nap this afternoon, and he didn’t hesitate to spoon with me for extra warmth! Woke up and the cat had joined us as well. A big ol’ pile in the bed on a cold winter day! They pay it back in so many ways!

  1. They worm their way into your heart strings don’t they? And give so much more than they get.
    Glad that you can stay warm, comfortable and occupied. And we have had communal sleep snuggles like that – bliss.

    • i’ve had dogs before that have been family. this guy saw me through the biggest transitions of my life… i really can’t imagine going through it without him. He is enjoying the ‘critter pile’ in the bed. The cat is even seeking him out for extra warmth!

  2. I came home from work about an hour ago and both My Bride and 7-Year Old Daughter have band-aids on their fingers. Our evil cockapoo bit both of them hard enough to break skin. I blew my stack and wanted to choke the life out of the little shit but 7-Year Old said if I got rid of the dog, I’d have to get rid of her, too. And then she broke down in hysterics. 12-Year Old is giving me the silent treatment because she thinks I’m getting rid of the dog. I fucking hate this dog and I always have. I voted for a cat. How long can this little pain in the ass last in -20° chill factor winds? I’ll keep you posted.

    • So sorry the little shit is a biter. i’ve never been a huge fan of little dogs, partly because many of them seem to have the need to overcompensate for small size by being a bit aggressive and territorial. i think you already tried obedience school, but it might be worth getting a trainer to come to the house and have him/her work with the entire family to get this knocked back…

      and to answer your question — he’d probably last an hour….

  3. I am right there with you in the frigid cold sister!
    Like you, I am well stocked with the essentials … vodka, rum, whisky and various assorted schnapps, brandy and cream liquors.
    I also purchased boots gor my Princess … her pads are far to delicate for these temps.
    Bring on the Blizzard of 2014!!

    • i was bummed that we didn’t get snow – just on the edge of it, so we got rain instead, followed by ice, and then a couple of inches of snow. my thought? if it’s going to be this cold, i want a LOT of snow! glad you’re stocked up and ready for what comes! just another day before it breaks…

    • Excellent point! They would make fine projectiles after just a few seconds… Mine has avoided my paint collection, but did manage to eat an electric green plastic toy once… i was amazed at the sheer volume of that stuff, and how long he held onto it… Cheers!

  4. Only you could write about taking your dog out to poop in the bitchasscold and make me tear up.

    It’s colder than Mars here too (love that!) Drink some tea (with whiskey) and snuggle in, cutie!

    ps… love those purple shoes… they’re quite… fetching? ; )

    • “fetching”? Perfect! you’ve got the cold for another day, and then will get to venture outside again! i actually haven’t minded this bit of ‘homebound’. i’m getting lots of stuff done… and farting around like a champ!

  5. Great idea on the footies! My cat stays outside most of the time but sleeps indoors. I let him out today and he stayed for about 4 hours. I was worried the whole time he would freeze to death. But when he came in, he was fine. When he jumped up in my lap his paws were COLD!

    I’m really glad I don’t have to scoop up his turds. Smelling his breath and his farts are bad enough. I think I need to get him breath mints and Beano.

    • handling the excrement of my pets is the second worst thing about pet ownership… the first worst is knowing that i will most likely out live them… which is one of the reasons i put up with the first worst! if i lived out in the country, i’d be more inclined to let the animals run free a bit during the day. it’s just not practical in my world – the greatest predator is the automobile!

    • It can be pretty messy. i’ve got good rain gear, though, and Mr. P enjoys the rain – he’s always been a water dog! i also think he loves the toweling off that he gets when we come in on a rainy day!

    • You’re getting your share of nasty weather! Have seen some of the coastal bluster – looks pretty miserable! We’re through the worst of it – normal cold, as opposed to the freakish cold – will settle back in by morning.

  6. To ensure validation of the extreme cold weather in your part of the world Ms Fae, I will have to ask you to provide evidence via the reliable ‘pencil test’, of which must of course be carried out whilst outdoors. Photo evidence only I’m afraid.

  7. Changing diapers, picking up turds, scooping cat boxes… all in the name of love. But doing it when it is subzero is REALLY love. Trust me, I am doing the same thing sans the booties right now. Baby, it’s COOOLD outside

  8. We’re in central Texas and it got down to around 11F (with a wind chill of maybe 5) the other night. I know, nowhere near as bad as what you’re experiencing, but you have to remember we Texans like our ice in our tea, thank you very much. One of our outdoor cats couldn’t figure out what was wrong with the birdbath, his favorite watering hole. There was all this hard, glassy stuff instead of water. 🙂

    • It’s all relative to what you’re used to and clearly your kitty isn’t used to hard water! not sure if i feel worse for the cat or the poor birdies! Without the cold weather gear, just layer up til it passes! only time i wear socks at home is when it’s sub-zero! it just feels better…

  9. Amazing thing about dogsis their ability to adapt to the cold. They are used as Arctic transportation after all.
    To stay warm, dogs bury themselves in the snow.

    • Quite true! If they’re used to being outside, it’s no problem! My critter has been a housepup, and his feet are softer than the hands of a New Jersey housewife!

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