The Unspoiled Queen*

Where have i been?  On a very strange rock in the Atlantic Ocean for the past week.  After an arrival at the homestead in the very wee hours of the morning, i’ve been in the throes of post-travel excavations.

Some short, random neural firings:

– The retirement countdown clock ticks loudly. Even the most intrepid, hard-working employees are simply cogs in a giant bureaucratic corporate monkey-spank.  We try to do a good job, and earn the paycheck, but in the end, it just doesn’t matter…

– It has become apparent that my lack of fitness is getting in the way of living the life i want to lead.  This simply won’t do…

– Adventure travel can be exhausting.  Especially when one is out of shape.  (see previous random neural firing).

– Adventurous people will press on through exhaustion.  Naps are for cupcakes!

– “Bravery” takes many forms.  It can appear as a soldier rushing to aid his fallen comrade despite obvious peril.  It can manifest itself as the same soldier fighting back from near-mortal wounds.  Or it can take the form of a woman who walks away from a comfortable life behind a desk to follow her heart to a small rock in the ocean.

That’s all i’ve got for now.  i’m off to de-skunk my SCUBA gear.  It’s been stowed in my closet for almost a year.  i’m pretty sure i don’t want to let it get that lonely again…

i’ve been short on time to read blogs – will try to catch up over the next few days. Between naps, of course…

* What is the meaning of the title of this post?  That is left as an exercise for the reader…

31 thoughts on “The Unspoiled Queen*

    • Of course! But when i only have 7 short days visiting a place that is quirky and exotic? Taking a nap seems almost wasteful… i’m a huge fan of naps. maybe if i get to visit that weird little island for a month or more, i can relax a bit!

    • Agreed… even a short “grampa nap” in my easy chair is refreshing! Not feeling very coherent at the moment. Sat down to write a tale or two from my trip, and just couldn’t put words together properly. Will try again later in the week – if i get a chance!

  1. Traveling might be a giant energy suck, but it’s worth it. You have determination enough for three. You’ll address the fitness issue, I’m certain. God, how I wish I could retire. Just took a week in Cleveland with my family. I could do very well with never working again. I won’t get bored. I promise.

    Is the title in relation to our blogfather?

    • Have already taken on more physical activity – and SCUBA certainly burns a few calories. Just need to steel myself for getting back to the gym work – lacking strength in my upper body has really begun to frustrate me.

      Still chuckling about the blogfather reference — no, it wasn’t about him, my dear. Although he’s busily thrashing about in Paris as i type this!

      • My wife mentioned that as well and I was really surprised to hear it. I’m beginning to think that I’m missing out by not being on Facebook. Everyone seems to know what everyone else is doing. I feel left out.

        • FB can be a nasty little quagmire, but there are means to limit access to your own profile, while still engaging those you wish to engage… It’s losing steam, though. Many people i know are spending a lot less time out there. Turns out, stalking other people is pretty damn boring when you get down to it…

  2. To the gym, soldier. Now. Glad you landed on the rock. Glad you’re back. I’m retired to my desk chair. And, do not intend to exert more effort than is required to fetch my iced coffee from Mickey D’s… 🙂

  3. “…exercise for the reader”?!?!?

    We don’t want exercise, we’re reading your blog from the comfort of sitting in front of a flat panel screen and the rest of our electronic houses that resonate at 60Hz. And, the only reason we’re reading is because we’re taking breaks from our naps!

    • i know you better than that! you’re off with a camera, from either the bicycle or that monstercycle of yours… in between naps, of course. the bicycle calls this morning! “Shhhh, bicycle! i’m trying to sleep over here!”

        • we’re already making ‘over/under’ bets on how many pairs of “beauty and the beast” will attend this year… we’re headed in a far more Grimm direction. disney is for amateurs…. bwa ha haaaaaa! 😀

  4. it must be the time of the year, sweetpea! good on you for wanting the best for yourself and by that i mean, health and strength! i bought a treadmill!!!!!! i know, right? realized that we didn’t need a dedicated office space sine we both work on laptops, but a room in our own house to work out??? P R I C E L E S S!! work it, gurl is going to have a whole new meaning for us! 😉 xoxoxoxo

    • i spent some time last winter updating my home gym – so it’s pretty rockin’… i just need to make some time to get there every day. or get back to going to the gym on my lunch hour. or just start doing my push ups again before going to bed.

      swapping the office space for a workout room is a step in a good direction! let’s hear it for retirement planning! less work, more work out!

  5. I can send my Personal Trainer your way to get you “fitness ready for the life you want to live”.
    He wont let up on you, no matter what names you call him or in what language.
    He’s a real son of a bitch!
    Literally ….. he’s my son. 🙂

    He really is a personal trainer too!

    • Thanks, but i am not ready for serious personal training yet — perhaps in a couple months. Right now, just re-setting some ‘good habit’ registers, and spending a lot more time on the bicycle. As for your son? He’s no son of a bitch, no matter how rough he is on his trainees! 😀

  6. All this talk of physical activity is giving me a pain in my butt, literally. I have sciatica at the moment, and can’t even sit to knit for very long. Flat in bed with e-books and audio books, that’s me lately. Jealous.

    • At the moment? i could use a good weekend flat on my back… although you can keep the sciatica! That’s pretty unpleasant. Hope you’re feeling better soon – and in the mean time, tear through those books! i’m hoping to spend more time reading in the winter, after the kegerator is completed!

  7. Wow, Daisyfae. I can’t wait to hear your sorted thoughts. Some places do get in your blood, though precious few queens remain unspoiled. I fell in love with St. Thomas as a teenager, and was horrified to see it transformed into a giant mall and condo complex. Had a wonderful time on Dominica a decade or so ago, but the cruise ship dock had just been finished when we were there, so I won’t be going back. Maybe we will try your latest discovery next.

    • this place got me — inhospitable as hell, but the people who choose to live there, or grew up there, are simply charming and eccentric and i think i love them! will be posting my album on the book of faces later tonight (if i get my shit together this evening). i think you might like it. there will never be a cruise ship dock here. there is no beach. perhaps 20 tourists on the island – that week, and we were 14 of them…

    • You again? Honey, if you’re in the house, i won’t be able to stay flat on my back. i may be out of shape, but with proper motivation i’m still pretty limber…

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