Crickets and Tumbleweeds

Lots going on here at Chez Daisyfae, but the compelling urge to write has left the premises…

Being a blogger, however, i must uphold the “Blogger Oath”, and not let the complete lack of having something worthwhile to say stop me from posting!

Some scores, highlights, and coming attractions…


For lack of meaningful pursuits, i ended up in the midst of a “Jello Shot Bake Off”.  Two friends and i talked enough shit about the quality of our alco-culinary skills that it seemed reason enough to have a party.  Although my entries to the contest were out-classed by my compatriots, i crafted a Rainbow Jello Shot Cake.  Took almost an entire bottle of vodka, and 5 1/2 hours, but it scored the coveted “Holy Shit!” award…i don't cook... i distill...

It wasn’t just the jello shot smack talkin’.  Spent a good bit of energy (and money) over the winter renovating my downstairs theater room.  It turned out to be a nice space – suitable for play.  Not just because of the wall mirrors in the fitness area…

work it on out

Over the course of the long holiday weekend, i managed to work in a long bike ride, a cardio-horseback riding lesson, and a ride on the motorcycle.  Somewhere along the way, i wrenched my lower back, and am momentarily hobbled.  Part of my self-prescribed physical therapy involves being flat on the floor, legs in the air, working the core muscles to un-wrench the knots.  My dog does not understand physical therapy.  He wants to play.  He is a turd.

The song of my people...

Remember that time i got drunk at a charity auction?  Oh, yeah.  That time last February to be more specific (Smart asses… All of you…).  In a few short weeks, i’m going to suit up and sit in the right seat of this thing.  And foul my undershorts at very high speeds…


photo from the combat usa website.  holy shit.  what was i thinking?

The first half of the year has gone pretty well, but i’ve missed traveling.  Due to circumstance, most of my holiday time is going to take place over the next three months.  In addition to shopping for booze, turns out i’m also a fiend for shopping for hotels and airfare!  Getting pretty jazzed about what lies ahead…

Might be running into some blog mates soon, too.  Oh, and fishies.  The SCUBA habit demands attention. Suspect i’ll be even more scarce out here over the next few months!

Onward!  Adventure awaits!

Road trip for the ages...

photo found here.  i’ll have my own to post in a few months!

47 thoughts on “Crickets and Tumbleweeds

    • 12 layers. i was drinking while i made it. the bottom layer delaminated a bit when the cake was cut because i kinda forgot about it for a little too long… not quitting my day job, but that thing was a masterpiece!

  1. Oh wow! Impressive jello! Pity about the back, pets get concerned when you invade their floor space.Trips to the Middle east sound fascinating – but then I would spend much of my time at archaeological sites 🙂 You can have that flight all to yourself – I prefer to have a man with a flag walking in front of my conveyances *grin*

    • The summer is off to a good start! Had planned to buy a kayak (partly due to your adventures, sir!), but too much happening… Oh, and Ephesus may happen again! It’ll be strange to see it full of people this time – as it was nearly abandoned (and creepy) when i was there last…

  2. It’s YOU! It’s me. Thanks for the comment; glad to finally see your wonderful blog. Exciting things on the horizon for mine. Your support, as always, is appreciated.

    • Yay! It’s YOU! and i’m DELIGHTED to see you out here! Happy to assist in any way possible! Pretty sure you’ve got some wonderful things to say – and can’t wait!

  3. Aha! I figured out your problem. [And you didn’t even know you had one!]

    While your Jell-co-hol creation might have won awards, the problem is that you used the oven. You cannot successfully get Jello to bake in an oven. Not even an Easy Bake Oven. You may have been commended for “nailing Jello to the wall” [a badge of honor for every program manager]; however, nailing HOT Jello to the wall gets my vote for things that are far too stooopid to try.

    • Honey, i KNOWZ i gotz problems! The question is “which one?”

      I wasn’t supposed to go in the oven? D’oh! No wonder it took so long to set up… having raised 2 children, and many more young engineers, i consider myself an expert at the “nailed jello” bit… as are you!

    • Not even close to perfect, sugar… and not trying to impress. i’m just embroiled in my own personal game of “Beat the Clock”. pretty sure the clock will eventually win, but i shall give it a run…

  4. The Jello cake is very pretty. I want know if it was as tasty as it looked, Did you see the huge list of jello-shot recipes Beth posted at the other place? I bet you could dig it up if you were interested.
    As always, you have my envy of the travel adventures. Maybe next lifetime. Take lots of pictures and have lots of fun.

    • It was ok… i’m not crazy about jello. Used all fruity flavors, and cut back on the vodka a little, so it was all right. i DID see Beth’s recipes – and mined the ideas there for two new shots for the contest. One? Root Beer! It was delicious – if you like root beer, but the judges weren’t at all fond of that particular flavor, so it rolled into 3rd place… The travel is going to be very fun, but it’s a little weird that i’ve got so much to fit into 3 months. Will make me restless toward the end of the year, i think. There will be pictures – and if i can get my act together this time – some post cards!

  5. I heard about the blogmeet today, and squealed a little in jealous excitement – I hope/assume that you will have a blast. And reports are required.
    The Jello cake is outstanding. The flight? Something I would need to lie down and avoid. Again to ensure I continue my path in vicarious life living – I want a report.

    • We shall report! Can’t wait! And it’ll be a multi-blogger meet up, too! One i’ve met before, but he’s hosting, and hasn’t met Studley yet…. There will be reports, as i wing my way through life. While i can… it’s all only for now… i hear a clock ticking. Very, very loudly…

    • It’ll get you drunk, too! Now that i know i can craft that beast, it’s highly likely that i’ll NEVER attempt it again. A friend took a video as i started to unmold the beast… i told him “You realize that if this thing fails to come out properly, i will have an EPIC melt down”. He replied “Why do you think I’m video taping?”

  6. Ooh, that’s a pretty cake! And gay friendly.

    Is your back injury going to hamper your mobility in the city? Can you walk? Central Park beacons.

    Do you feel all this activity is making up for time lost while raising kiddies?

    • The only reason i’d make another one of those things would be for the local Pride celebration – but i’ll be out of town, so i’m off the hook! Still planning my hols, without adjustment — although i’m a bit stiff when standing/sitting, i am walking without too much trouble…

      i enjoyed the time with my kids – especially those elementary school years! The things i chase now? Are things i couldn’t chase then. Risky hobbies do not go well with small children… They’d miss me if i disappeared, but i’m well-insured. They’ll be fine!

  7. “suitable for play. Not just because of the wall mirrors in the fitness area…”
    I bet it is! 😉

    What the hell is that hanging on the lat pull down bar????
    Dragon? Dinosaur?

      • Hadn’t thought of using it for um… role playing. It’s a 3′ tall Pink Stuffed Sea Horse. i won him at an amusement park when the spawn were younger… i also have a giant stuffed frog that rests on a chair upstairs…

        it’s not that i have energy. i am just playing against the clock… the clock always wins… damn it…

  8. jello shot cake? sweet mary sunshine, sugar, i’d have to have a bottle just to drink while waiting for that to all set up! well done you! any chance my little town is on your radar? xoxoxoxo

    • The hardest part of the jello shot beast was the timing — pour, chill, mix next layer, pour, chill, mix next layer… and the timing changed as the layers got thinner. and my ability to track time changed as i continued to drink ‘leftover’ vodka. hmmm… ‘leftover vodka’. whoever heard of such a thing?!?!?

      Bummed that i don’t have your hometown on the tour list this year – but am hopeful for a return trip! we need drinks, dear lady! xoxo

  9. “…being flat on the floor, legs in the air, working the core muscles…”

    This is therapy??? Damn and blast why did I not know that in my young day, when so much time was spent trying to persuade young ladies to do just that very thing? I certainly needed a better reason to offer them… We have to wait until we are old to learn what we needed to know when we were young.

      • Believe they are called ‘vodka jellies’ in your part of the world… it’s really just a novelty, and not something to put on a bucket list. they are tasty, and go down far too quickly. about 5 jello shots = one drink, so they can be pretty dangerous!

    • therapy. takes many forms, it does! did some therapy in a hot tub last night… had to keep throwing a stick out into the yard to keep the owner of the hot tub engaged while i used the water jets for my own purposes… and i have to agree with you that youth is wasted on the young!

  10. I’ve never been one for jello shots, but that cake might have turned me…

    Love your fitness room/play den/theatre. Maybe when I retire we can do something like that here. Although right now I have been coveting my massage room for use as a craft/quilt room. Also, I could put my piano in there as well, although it may move from the bedroom to the family room once I get my desk into the workroom rather than the family room. Then maybe I can sew when Jim wants to watch a program on TV. Right now the sewing machine noise interferes.

    I love traveling, and I love having Jim to do all the kinds of shopping for airfares, hotels and etc. He is so good at it. Right now he is fixing up a salmon fishing expedition in Ketchikan when we go there in August. Salmon that we catch can be flash frozen and shipped home overnight on the date we specify. I can hardly wait. Maybe I’ll actually experience catching a fish for once.

    Hope your back feels better soon. Don’t forget the virtues of good massage therapy for it…

    • i think the cake could be made with liqueur-soaked fruit, and perhaps some real whipped cream. honestly, i don’t really like jello – i know it’s scraped from animal hooves, so it’s inherently disgusting, no matter what you do to it! but it’s pretty!

      i have more work to do on the ‘play room’ downstairs, but it’s nearly done. a couple of lighting projects are the small bits, and there’s a rather complicated kegerator build that will take me at least 6 months or more to complete….

      have already found a local massage therapist, and am scrambling to make an appointment. desperately need the knots worked out – i have far too much fun ahead to let myself be hobbled but cranky, twisted muscles!

  11. I see the problem/pattern here…..most of your free time you are doing recreational activities with something between your legs. Hmmm? Perhaps not a problem at all. 🙂
    PS we having scuba in Hawaii, but you most likely know that already.

    • there IS a pattern to this, isn’t there? very astute! i would LOVE to dive in hawaii – have never been there – yet! it’s the kind of place i’ll need to spend some time exploring – i want to go play in the multitude of ecosystems there… may have to wait til retirement! but i’ll get there!

  12. WOW! Now that’s one helluva Jell-O shot! I wish I’d been there for the unveiling and imbibing. It’s almost too pretty to eat, but I’ve have suffered through it!

    • it was mostly devoured pretty quickly! my friends were enthusiastic, although there were some leftovers. turns out? jello shot cake doesn’t keep well… i should have brought it into work and set it by the coffee pot!

  13. Gosh Daisy Fae,
    You could just eat that rainbow ticket and travel anywhere you want. By the way, if your down my way and in a kayak don’t make the sounds I make on film clip on my latest blog post. One of those critters is sure to visit you.

    • Happy to report that my undergarments remained unsoiled! Mission went as briefed yesterday – and i’ll try to get an update up here soon…. Once i knock the stiffness out of my body!

  14. Ah…. so that’s what this “jello” stuff you have over there looks like. Looks like something you’d have as a snack while on LSD.

    Can’t imagine what other entries would beat that!

    • i believe they are known as ‘vodka jellies’ in your part of the world… this is not a proper jello shot. those must be suitable for eating in a single ‘gulp’, and this (obviously) is not. we had a contest based on taste, texture, color – the flavors that won: “Crimson Tide”, which was a different varietal, made with whisky, and a “Strawberry Fizz” – fruity with champagne! i still liked my “Root Beer”, made with real root beer, root beer flavored vodka and Sambuca for extra kick…

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