For now…

There is only one reason to write.  Because you must.  You can join a workshop, read a ‘self help’ book, take a class or join a silly writers bootcamp, but that’s forcing the issue.  Write because you have something to say.  Something that has to come out of you or you’ll explode.  Write because you have to.  There is absolutely no other reason to do it.

Where have i been lately?

Living well.  Loving well.  Being well.  Rolling in life like a dog on a dead fish.

i don’t have a lot to say.  These days?  i spend a lot of time laughing and dancing.  So i’ll let these photos of me and me doggie say it…

We are all about “now”.  Because it won’t last.  Nothing does.

brown dog rompi love.  i am loved.  what the fuck else is there?

brown dog slobberWhat is your legacy?  What REALLY matters when we’re all reduced to carbon?


THIS link – thanks to The Unbearable Banishment.  Mr. Bukowski says it far better than i ever could… and since i’m not a writer, i suppose that should come as no big surprise!

46 thoughts on “For now…

  1. Aww….so sweet! Glad you’re still alive, daisyfae!
    I’m glad you’re happy and living well….that’s all it counts!
    I hope when I pass on, my kids will say “she was a great mom!”….that’s all. 🙂

    • one of the reasons i can just “be”? both of my children are well. they’ve found their balance. for now, at least. so i can just be. play, frolic and be silly! until they were level, this wasn’t possible… and it can all change in a heartbeat. so i’m going to enjoy it! nothing is forever!

  2. Legacies I desire:
    1. People remembering me for something I did for them that made a difference in their lives. Not just “took out the trash from the office can when it was full” or “emptied the shredder”. But, “Wow. I remember when you wrote that recommendation that helped me land an awesome job that led to more successes.”
    2. That my kids go out into the world and understand that society is a complex system replete with inter-related components that don’t function independently. Every action in society has responses….some are predictable and others are not. Roll with the punches and keep on learning.
    3. Luck doesn’t exist in a vacuum. You make your own “luck” by showing up prepared to take advantage of opportunities.
    4. I don’t succeed because of what I do. I succeed because I am surrounded by people who do great things. We all succeed together.
    5. “There is no curb too high for a rental car.”

    • yes, yes, yes, yes – and Oh, REALLY, YES! You preach my gospel, sir! Especially that bit about rental cars! Do you know the difference between a 4 Wheel Drive All Terrain Vechicle and a rental car? YOU CAN GO ANYWHERE IN A RENTAL CAR!

      i don’t have the intellect to figure out the purpose of why we’re here. but i do believe we’ve got to be kind, and we’ve got to look out for each other. if i managed to pass that message along to my spawn i am a screaming success!

    • who knows what tomorrow brings? tonight? i appreciate what i’ve got… kurt vonnegut nailed it when he described how rotten we are as a species of knowing when things are right. we need to learn to call it out – mark it – and say “if this isn’t good, i don’t know what is.” Just having that sort of night…

    • DEFINITELY vomit! i always feel better when i vomit/write. After the liquid fecal explosion? Can’t say i’m feeling any better – just dreading the next surprise attack!

  3. And you are loved by those near and far. I am very, very happy that you are having fun – at the end of the day I cannot think of anything better. Legacies? Probably not. I plan on being a quiet achiever to the end (and beyond).

    • Thank you! Much appreciated! Always a little surprised that i can take a couple weeks, or even months, off, and you all continue to come back to say ‘hi’. if enough of us try to leave a positive ‘wake’ behind us, perhaps things won’t suck so bad for the next generation or two…

  4. I often think of you and a certain doggy style, dear lady, and as usual you are quite correct… Nothing lasts forever, but I can promise you the finest 90 minutes of your life!

    • i want to remember this period of time in my life… there will be darkness ahead. i just want to be able to remind myself that the sun was out once, and i got to dance and play!

  5. Hurrah to all that. What you say about writing can go for all the arts I think. The best art starts with being entirely individual and specific, and the more it remains so, the more interesting it is (to me, anyway).

    • i understand the need to develop skills to be able to build structure, organize thoughts, find/manage words. even kurt vonnegut, jr. wrote a book on writing. it’s the folks with an over-developed sense of self, laying claim to the status of “writer” just because they went to a workshop, or took a single class. seems to me that “writer” is something you are, rather than something you do.

    • Thank you! That’s the link – you had posted it once before, and the words got stuck in my head and have been bouncing around. i remembered it was Bukowski – and forgot it was a poem. He said it better than i could ever say. To which i say “well, D’uh!”

  6. “i love. i am loved. what the fuck else is there?”
    THAT my dear lady, is the legacy we should all strive for.
    It’s what I strive for.
    That and raising 2 happy, respectful boys who understand that every second we’re on this side of the dirt is the most precious gift we get.
    Life isn’t always easy, but nothing worth having is.

    Keep on living well. Loving well. Being well.
    You write when you feel like it.
    I’ll still be here. 🙂

    • It’s about as ‘zen’ as i get. i was also kinda drunk when i hoarked this one up. my bloggy equivalent of “i love you, man!” once the children are truly ‘launched’ from the nest, i think this state of mind is possible… i can be rather hedonistic – then do goofy community projects until i’m tired. then go back to playing again!

      • It’s all about balance.

        So it IS possible to achieve some ‘zen’??
        Some days (most) I don’t feel like I will ever even come remotely close to any kind of zen.
        Vodka helps though! 😉

        • Yes! You will get there – but it’s pretty transient! Things come and go from the balance all the time, but it gets better! Vodka can be used for non-therapeutic purposes, too!

  7. aww i love mr pickles!! seeing those pics makes me miss my bing very much..but with time pain eases and laughter come when she used to flop her head on the tv remote for attention…at 3 am…
    keep livin’ the life there missy, you’ve got the right idea!

    • sorry you miss your bing… the reason i have to stay in “now” with this pup is that i know the clock is ticking. very loudly. i don’t want to miss a thing…

    • i like your list. very much. i enjoy getting lost in ‘stuff’… scuba gives me joy, as does the bigass motorcycle and horsies that i ride. and rolling around on the floor wrassling my dog is number one at the moment…

  8. Roll in it, Daisyfae! The only legacy that matters is the grease spot (and the effect on the people) we leave behind. What a lovely ride. Except when it sucks. Then it sucks. But that day is not today!

    • Sometimes it’s the “sucks” part that helps me appreciate what doesn’t. As one who always sees endings, i know that this run will hit a wall at some point – there is “suckage” ahead. There always is. But not today!

  9. muuuuwhuuuwaaaah. You have been a voice of reason to my husband and I the past few weeks. We keep referring back to the change vs transition statement you made on my blog post. It really is the transition that sets people back…change we can handle, but the transition has been difficult, but we adjust daily and have finally moved into our ‘transitional’ housing. More to come…really, it’s a blast living in Hawaii.

    • Awww, thanks Carla! Glad it was useful! i’m really looking forward to updates on your new home – and glad you found proper transitional housing! I think you’re doin it right – rather than choose a ‘permanent’ location now, getting a feel for the vibe of different neighborhoods is a great idea! It’ll pay off in the long run!

    • Hi Don! Thanks for stopping by! Any friend of Ashley’s will get a very warm welcome here! Funny that you should drop in to read the post explaining why i don’t blog much these days… suspect i’ll keep hoarking things up from time to time, but the urgency to write anything has left me as my life is momentarily balanced. Like the title of the post, though, i know it’s only ‘for now’…. Cheers!

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