Plus or Minus Five

Five years ago, i first hit the “publish” button on the shiny new blank slate of a WordPress blog.  My stated purpose:

“In a classic sense, i’ve done remarkably well – especially considering i was voted “most likely to be found dead in a gutter” in the ol’ high school popularity poll.

There is, however, a tiny, perhaps moving, boundary i crossed somewhere along the way – averting a likely path into the world of “one bad damn decision after another”.  Part of what i am doing with this forum is to try to understand how that happened…

Parenting two rather extraordinary young adults who share some of my genetics (The Girl, 21, and The Boy, 19), i want to understand how i got out of The Park.  So that i can help keep them out of The Park.”

Those young adults are now 26 and 24, and it is five damn years later.  And still rather extraordinary young adults who probably still share some of my genetics.  And are not in The Park.

Strangely enough, i found myself spending New Year’s Eve doing exactly the same thing i did five years prior.  House dance party, hosted by a friend that i have now known for over 30 years.  Wrote it up in my third damn blog post.

The words i wrote five years ago:  “And my body feels it today… there are certain muscles one only uses for dancing.  Or maybe for…well…horseback riding?  In any case, i was a bit out of shape to survive 4 hours on the floor unwounded.”  Could have been written this morning.  Or afternoon, seeing as i didn’t wake up until after the sun was riding high in the winter sky.

Once again, i danced for fourfuckinghours.  In a smallish costume (due to thermal management interests more than showing of my rack).  And once again, i am feeling it today – in a very good way.

This year, i rang it in with Studley.  Reflecting by the fire pit, it occurred to me that i could pin myself to the exact same place five years prior.  Seven years prior?  i’d met him at a New Year’s Eve party – and it was a casual “drive by” hug that he delivered at midnight that brought us together as friends, and later, as lovers.

Studley:  You know, in five years from now?  You will be retired!  You are planning your last day of work for December 31st, 2017.

daisyfae:  Holy shit!  You’re right!  And i know EXACTLY where i’m gonna be!

Studley:  I’ll plan to be your designated driver.  Pretty sure you’re gonna need a babysitter that night…

And it was off to dance for another couple of hours… Seeing faces i’ve seen for 30 years, and faces i first saw at the November dance party.

i seem to collect good humans in my life – from those amazing childhood friends, to the good people who continue to wander in on a remarkably regular basis, i don’t like to let such people get away from me.  Looking back through the comments?  Some of my regular blog readers have been with me for almost all of that five years – and i am astonished by that fact!

Here’s to old friends – in real life and in the ether of the internet…  And to adventures ahead!  Happy New Year!  Thank you for stopping by – i’m not nearly as sure of what i’m doing out here as i was the day i started, but it feels right.  And so…

and away we go...

44 thoughts on “Plus or Minus Five

  1. Aw gorgeous! I know I’ve been around at least a few of those years – I love ya to pieces and so glad to be welcomed in The Park. You’ve been an inspiration and I’m so glad to know you. Happy New Year, luscious!

  2. I am a relative newcomer to the blogosphere so have not been along for all of the ride. I am so, so glad that I found you though, and plan to visit often. I certainly intend to be the blogospherical fly on the wall for your retirement bash.
    And I am very, very happy to hear that you were well enough to dance the New Year in. She may well have got lost without you.

    • So very glad to have met you out here! The retirement bash may well last a year – and will likely have a ‘road trip’ portion that gets me into the Southern Hemisphere! Would enjoy sharing a garden walk with you! Happy New Year!

  3. I can feel your reflection in this, Ms Fae. I for one am DELIGHTED you decided to blog. Otherwise, how would I have found my older sister of my heart?

    • Good to see you, Val! i am still astonished that i have readers in South Africa! How flat the world becomes with a virtual ‘message in a bottle’ these days! Happy New Year!

  4. How did I find and start reading your blog? Hmmm…I think the “blame” can probably be laid at a certain door in Capetown. Or maybe Sydney. See? Right there, we have 3 continents involved. And all those nasty little splinter parties in various political arenas have got it all wrong….when people can form a genuine connection, evolving into physical, real-life friendships, this spinning blue marble will keep spinning.
    I say: long live love, friendship,cameraderie and blogging.

    • Pretty sure that’s where we first met – through those two culprits! The fascinating part is that many of the ‘virtual’ connections feel just as real as those that have evolved into face-to-face connections… Makes me wonder what the next five years holds! Happy New Year, Dinah!

  5. This March it’ll be five years for me, too. You and I are born from the same blogfather’s loins. I’ve always felt a special kinship with you because we are, in blogging essence, related. We’re even fellow Buckeyes, for cryin’ out loud! I may have to leave you in my will.

    • You are my blog-brother… The blogfather is off on other ventures these days, but i like to think he still checks in every now and then to make sure we’re getting along, and not fighting. Hey… HEY! STOP TOUCHING ME! YOU’RE TOTALLY ON MY SIDE OF THE BLOGOSPHERE! DAAAAAAAAAAAAD!

  6. Guess what? i think i started 5 years ago too… i can’t remember cuz i’ve ingested alot of uh substances… keep on keepin on girl and in 5 years i’ll show up at your retirement party bearing gifts, these special cookies i make, you’ll be retired so you won’t have to worry…

    • You, dear kono, are still one of my favorite writers. And i will tell you again that there is a book (or ten) in your musings. You are a muse to me in a strange way – i think as The Boy was going through his darkest stuff, i knew he would be ok because of you. And i AM TOTALLY counting on you for gettin’ my cookies…

    Happy 5 years Dais! 😀
    I haven’t been around for them all, but I have been for the last few years.
    Like a few other folks, I feel we’re kindred spirits …. in good ways and bad! lol 😉

    Here’s to your retirement in 5 and to Studley already making plans to be the babysitter .. er, Designated Driver. He’s a good one! 🙂

    Happy 2013 to you and your clan! 😀
    Wishing you all much peace, love, joy, happiness and health

    • i’ve changed a bit along the way, but i’m still here… So very glad that you’ve been along for the ride and shared more than a few of my spectacularly messy moments! Good to know i’m not alone in my…. um…. messiness!

      Here’s to a great year ahead of you – may 2013 bring you balance and blessings! and a damn good time along the way!

  8. This post made me go back and look at my archives and I am shocked to discover I have been on WordPress since July of 2006. Coming up on seven years.

    I did not discover you as soon as you started blogging, but when I did I found you to be wise and funny. I am sorry that I have not ever had the opportunity to meet you IRL, but perhaps this will be the year.

    Here’s to the adventures ahead and the things we learned from the adventures behind. and may this be a year devoid of any of the sorrow and loss of last year.

    • Time flies when you’re…. um… sitting in a chair, typing things to throw up in the ether, eh? And it is a bit surprising that we’ve not met IRL yet — and i emphasize the “yet”, because you’re not that far away, and it’s within the realm of the plausible! Agree that we could both use a good year of adventure – and could do with a bit less loss….

  9. I cannae understand why you would be surprised that the likes of meself have been followers of yours fae the very start. You have a way with you that entices, entertains and welcomes people in to the grittier side of life. What’s not to like about your style hen? You’re a wee star.

    …nice pair of boobies too.

    • i’ve never considered myself a writer, but some of the angst-driven stuff i hoarked up a few years ago wasn’t bad. you’re here just in time for the ‘fucking off’ portion of the competition… but i’m glad you’re here! Happy New Year!

  10. swet mary sunshine sugarpie! how the hell did i miss this post???? anyway, happy new year! i don’t rmemeber when i started reading your blog or how i got here, but wtf, right? i’m here, you’re here and hot damn, we almost had a drink when you were in my town! i know this, i feel connected to you and will always be grateful you called! xoxoxoxo

    • hey, girl! i’m pretty sure it was a certain Belfast waiter that brought us together, but a relationship cemented through that demi-god over there in Glasgow! and yes – there WILL be a drink together! i LOVE your fair city, and will be back! so glad we connected! xoxo

  11. Happy New Year! Mostly a lurker because i’m quite boring in real life & online too and believe that i found my way via NurseMyra. Thanks for taking the time to share your adventures with us.

    • Happy New Year! i do believe we both shared a deep and abiding love for the lovely nurse… and i suspect that you’re not nearly as boring as you believe you are! i’ve read your comments! Thanks for sticking with The Park…

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