Merry Christmas!

From Mr. Pickles, Huey Newton and their kitchen wench…

Merry Christmas 2012

It was quite simple, in theory.  But Mr. Pickles – despite his advanced age – refuses to surrender his dignity to the damned reindeer antlers i’ve been trying to put on him for years.

Huey?  Classy, cool and remarkably patient throughout the 2 minutes it took to snap all of these shots.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

14 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

    • About 2″ so far this morning, plus another 6″-7″ on the way. An actual blizzard warning, here in the heartland. Christmas was great, NYE shall be festive, with a house party dance/drum fest to ring in the new year…

  1. And a merry Christmas to you too my dear lady, been up to my ears in toys and by that i mean i’ve been playing with all the shit the boyos got, some of these video games these days are pretty effing cool and the I-mac got a CSI kit and is getting ready to finger print his daddy… just don’t run those prints kid.

    • Merry Christmas! i kinda miss the days of playing with the kids toys. Now? We just get drunk and watch movies… not bad, mind you, but give me a good set of legos… My kids got me the CSI kit after i got roofied a couple years ago. i should totally get that out and play with it!

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