Service Entrance

The holidays!  Things are quite nice, and rather untraditional, in my world.  With The Girl living in Turkey, and The Boy on the road with his job, i’ve been partying like a rock star enjoying holiday events with friends, rather than fluffing my nest for the family.

As i’ve mentioned before, i enjoy working the week between Christmas and New Year’s, as there is no one around to wake me up it’s quiet and i can get a lot of work done.  Rather than take time off next week, i took a few days this week instead.

Wandered off with Studley McRocklegs to visit his spawn for a few days in the mountains.  After a great visit with his kids and their ‘others’, i found myself with a full day off at home today… Which i filled with ‘maintenance’ appointments!

As a single working wohuman, i get to take care of all of the mundane ‘stuff’ of life on my own.  Cramming as much into the day as possible is the key!

The first visit was for annual maintenance on the furnace.  Managed to get him in and out within an hour – just as Steve was arriving to work on some bugs with my home theater/audio system.

The down-side of having a kickass rack of high-tech equipment?  It’s well beyond my own maintenance skills.  Attempting to swap out the cable television box in October, i failed to get it properly reconnected.  Hence the service call.  Since Steve was part of my original crew, and we’ve had many opportunities to chat through the years, he’s a known quantity and friend.

He was hunkered down in my storage room, where the equipment lies, tracing lines and pulling plugs and connectors as we caught up on life, the universe and everything.

daisyfae:  Haven’t had many problems with the system, but i did rearrange things for better air flow.  Pretty sure the cable box crapped out because of heat.

Steve:  Yep.  It’s pretty hot in there.  We could build you a new rack.

daisyfae:  No need.  Had that done after i had breast cancer in 2007.

Steve:  Right!

daisyfae:  Think you could rearrange it so the cable box is outside the rack?  Maybe in front?

Steve:  Don’t have enough cable for that.  I might be able to sneak it in through the back door.

daisyfae:  HA!  If i had a buck for every service guy who said THAT!

And so it went…. He got the cable box installed alongside the rack.  But, since nothing is easy, i still needed to call tech support from the cable company to get it operational.  Seems that since it had been sitting in the box since October, it needed authorization.

After Steve left, i copied down the “Please call for authorization” number that was flashing on the screen and gave the toll free line a call.

Receptionist:  Good Afternoon!  This is Jean from the Goldschlager Law firm.  Are you calling to discuss issues with your transvaginal mesh device?

daisyfae:  Um… no…. i thought i was calling the cable company about reauthorizing my cable box.

Receptionist:  This is the Goldschlager Law firm, on the line dedicated to calls regarding troubles resulting from the transvaginal mesh implant device.

daisyfae:  Oh.  Must be a wrong number.  i was calling about troubles with a different box.

 fill 'er up, baby!

27 thoughts on “Service Entrance

  1. And how many times did the receptionist have to practise that opening statement.
    Have a wonderful holiday – and I hear you about the week before Christmas and New Year. Close to a month’s work achieved in a laid back stress free week. It was always bliss.

    • i did a little googling – and this particular law firm (i changed the name somewhat) is in the business of product litigation. suspect they have a boiler room of receptionists taking calls for a wide range of fundraising opportunities…

      this year, i’m in the process of changing work assignments, so i’ll be packing up my office and moving. got Monday off, so i’ll only have 3 days of ‘slug week’…

  2. I’m a tad late for the best double entendres…but coming behind(!) Blazingfyre does leave a hardware crack!
    Happy and Merry, Daisyfae. And you can pass on whatever you think appropriate to Studley-of-the-Kilt. 🙂

  3. Man. I just never got the hang of that sort of repartee. I always think of that stuff later. Highly amusing; hope your holidays are wonderful. We are rejoicing in a bit of home maintenance ourselves, having spent several grand getting the beams under the house all squared away. Not a moment too soon, either; one of them was broken in two places. When 25% of the support goes away, the rest follows suit soon after. Glad it didn’t involve the house falling in.

    Enjoy your new box outside your rack….

    • The downside of “On Demand Snark”? Sometimes it sneaks out before it should, and i can’t take it back! And i don’t miss those sort of massive repairs – very necessary, but somehow not as satisfying when it’s done. A shiny new bathroom or kitchen is at least visible!

      The box is working fine – and helpful since The Boy is home for a few days. i hated having to watch some of the stuff he likes to watch – namely “Locked Up Abroad” and the likes…

  4. Hi Daisyfae, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
    The irony of all that talk with Steve and than having the number be Transvaginal Mesh lawyers is just too hilarious. The least she could have done is reauthorize your box.

    • Merry Christmas to you, lovely lady! It was too funny – and i almost wish Steve had been in the house for the conversation! Will let him know next time he comes by – and with this system, there will always be a next time!

  5. The battery just died in our cable box and guess what? Verizon doesn’t provide a new one! We have to BUY it! And it ain’t cheap. $35. It’s THEIR cable box! I hate Verizon.

    I hate when my transvaginal mesh implant device goes on the fritz. Text me that number, please.

    Merry Christmas to all! (Except for Verizon. Fuck you, Verizon.)

    • Didn’t know Verizon handled cable out that way…i’m not fond of their customer service. Out in these parts, Time Warner offers the option of bringing a dead box to a local store, swapping it out yourself, and avoiding the dreaded “SCHEDULED SERVICE CALL”, which takes weeks to line up… Merry Christmas! Fuck Verizon!

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