Open for the Holidays

It’s on at Chez Daisyfae this year…  Getting through Thanksgiving, hosting gatherings of friends, has gotten me in the mood to celebrate.

Got the tree up by myself last weekend.  Sometimes this can be a bit of an emotional quagmire, but this year?  i had a little more fun with it…He's behind me isn't he

Wait?  What’s that back there?  Over the fireplace?  Ermagehrrrrrrrrd!

om nom nom

Christmas.  My way.  Martha Stewart, Rachel Ray and the like can check their ribbons and potpourri at the door.

The first batch of almond biscotti is toasting away nicely in the oven.  The bar is stocked.  Various party staples are tucked into the fridge and pantry.

Happy Alcoholidays, folks!  Let the decadence begin!  Drop in parties for the entire month – but call first to make sure someone can stumble to the door!

Life is short.  Celebrate.  Stay out of the damn shopping malls and bigassbox stores and spend time with people.  Reconnect with an old friend.  Play cards.  Eat without guilt.

34 thoughts on “Open for the Holidays

    • oh, yeah! my liver will be demanding intervention by 1 January, but that’s just tough… although i can entertain without the ‘juice’. a place to be, and shake off the funk…

    • the tree was inspired by the good folks at Archie McPhee. the wreath? saw one like it at the beauty saloon last week when i got my hairs painted, and it took me exactly an hour to put it together with some cardboard, googly eyes and a hot glue gun! steal away, sister!

    • you could always just pour a fine whisky on the grave… at least for the good friends. for the others? no reason you can’t filter it through your kidneys first.

  1. Oooh and aaaah. I love your decorations. I have not yet got that far. I may not get that far. I have however finished making the Christmas Cake you have when you are having a drink (all seventeen of them) and later this evening will water them with rum. The day after tomorrow with brandy. And so on. By the time Christmas arrives and/or we give them away they are seriously alcoholic. But never dry.
    Have a wonderful time – I will raise a glass to you on the day.

    • i have patterned my life after the teachings of Archie McPhee. Spencer Gifts? Not so much, as they tend to be located in malls and i generally avoid those like the plague… Mr. P is doing great, and back to being the worlds oldest puppy!

  2. A good set of recommendations there DF.

    Your fireplace surround looks very English Home Counties eighties-ish. Surprised to see something like that in the Midwestern USA.

  3. So what’s the address? i got lots of time these days and the boyos can play with the dog while i get hammered… who said i wasn’t a good parent?

    • Would LOVE a visit from you! Say the word, baby, and the door is open! Will even put an extension on the murphy bed so your feet don’t hang over the side. Or you can just sleep on the pool table… Mr. P is a great babysitter. The kids will be fine!

    • that’s a pretty amazing dog trick! that’s an artificial tree as well… as much as i love the real (ie: dead) trees, this one doesn’t make a mess… unless a dog knocks it over. have had it for almost 20 years, and it still passes for a real tree from a good distance!

  4. oh and i laaaaaaaughed, great decorating! makes me wish you were closer i’d bring cake and we’d have drinkies (three olive brand vodka “cake”)
    oh and @writerdood, funny on the rotating tree my bing used to do the same

    The decorations are pretty damn sweet!
    If I didn’t still have a sammich grabbin’ curtain climber still in residence, I would so do that!

    Cake vodka is yummy … but right now i’m still OD’ing on Loopy.
    Fruit Loops … it ain’t just for breakfast! lol

    I too wish we were close enough for a drink … although, I think maybe you’re only a few (3 or so) hours away????? Not sure, just guessing.

    • “sammich grabbin’ curtain climber” – HA! could be either a small child or a cat! i have one more bottle of Loopy that i’m saving for breakfast. well. not really. but it’s a good tale!

      probably about 6 hours away – i’m further south and west than the Land of Flaming Rivers up north!

  6. That wreath over the mantle? Looks like you’ve been fishing in the Amazon and caught a piranha!
    Your bar, EC’s cakes and my fruit liquers (what a genteel word for something so high-proof!) would be a great mix.
    Gotta scoot – staff party tonight with Secret Santa…
    scritch to Ol’ Pickles.

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