Four Years After…

It’s November.  How’d that happen?  Everyone seems to be getting their NaBloWriMo groove on, or are working through the reasons they’re thankful.

i’m sitting in a chair, wondering what i could possibly have done last night to make my feet hurt this badly, scratching my bits, and considering options that could possibly make this day at least fractionally productive.

Decided to look back at my posts from four years ago.  November, 2008.

Some scores and highlights:

– Returning from my trip to South America, i sumarized my equatorial experiments.  Putting the myth of the toilet swirl to rest.

– The Girl was studying in Beirut, and The Boy was studying about an hour away.  She’s still living abroad, and he’s learning all sorts of things working through the post-hurricane mess on the east coast.

– A lovely Halloween opportunity to embarass one of my children!

– Having recently moved into my new home, i was still attempting to decorate.  At that point, i didn’t have furniture in the living room.  But i’d already purchased my whole-house integrated audio/video system, and a billiards table.

But then i found the post below.  Four years after, it’s still just as relevant.  We remain a polarized, divided and angry nation.  Fear-mongering is now an acceptable leadership tool. As we make our way through the final days of a gruelling and stinky presidential election cycle, we’re pretty much in the same situation as we were then.

Regardless of the outcome on Tuesday?  We’re screwed….


Grieving on Election Eve

No matter what happens tomorrow, i’ll be sad…

We will remain horrifically divided as a nation.  There will be cries of election fraud regardless of the outcome.  There will be outbursts of intolerance – potentially from either side of the argument.

What brought me down?  Two separate conversations over the past week tell me that i need to get working on my “Find Me a Husband” profile on a Canadian dating website.

The first?  In the office.  After a strategic planning meeting with the working troops, a few of us were doing the post-meeting analysis.  One mentioned that he was encouraged to learn that a mutual friend – an outspoken lifelong democrat – had “seen the light” and plans to vote for McCain.  i expressed surprise, as this individual had been so far left of center in his positions, he made me feel downright uptight in my own.  But he was apparently appalled by the “scam” that is Mr. Obama.

colleague A:  well, you know, they’ll riot no matter what happens.

daisyfae:  Huh?  Who?

colleague B:  you know, they riot no matter what’s going on…

daisyfae:  Seriously, who “they”?

colleague B: Remember Rodney King?  C’mon… you know there’ll be trouble no matter who gets elected!

i was stunned.  But rather than express an opinion, i did the best i could – and played dumb.  Keeping with the “who are the ‘they’ you guys are talking about?” to see if they would eventually say it…

colleague A:  They riot when their sports teams win or lose, so a presidential election with this much at stake is bound to get them in the streets!

daisyfae: What? Ohio State football fans? Not tracking here, guys…

and so it went…  and by the end of the conversation, i was just very sad.

And then there was this little bit from Mom over the weekend.  Mom has made her choice, is disturbed by the direction the country has taken under 8 years of Republican leadership, and voted for Mr. Obama.  She shared that my sister, S, is worried about the outcome of the election.  S works in downtown Cincinnati, at a large law firm.

Mom:  S is thinking about taking the day off Tuesday in case there’s trouble.

daisyfae:  What?  What sort of trouble?

Mom:  She said she’s seen so many foreign people downtown for the past few weeks.  They’re taking pictures of the buildings.  Wearing backpacks.  All the people she works with are worried that there will be bombings or riots.

daisyfae:  You’re shitting me, right?  She’s serious?

Mom:  It’s not just her, but it’s everybody she works with… there was talk of letting everyone work from home because people are so nervous.

What do i grieve for?  The loss of critical thinking skills, rational thought and intelligent debate…  We’re fucked, people… And i’m off to learn the words to the Canadian National Anthem.

42 thoughts on “Four Years After…

  1. Pretty much but unlike most of the fellow natives, you actually understand this, which makes it all the more dystopian novel surreal.

    The best outcome would be a clear victory one way or the other b/c both sides are sore losers in their own ways and nothing is going to stop the gloating and the growling. Worst case though? A muddled outcome that takes days of counting, recounting, involves lawyers, maybe SCOTUS and an extremely partisan nasty vote in Congress. Shudder. If that happens, find a reason to leave the country. Holiday or work. Whatever. Stay away until the dust settles.

    Mom is supposed to fly up for a visit later next week. Hope the air travel is still permitted.

    • As a genuine redneck, i still keep a toe (and my ears) in that world. i hear them talk. Like my father, i’ve learned to blend into to any sort of crowd – and when they decide i’m ‘one of them’ they start to talk, and it scares the shit out of me.

      Agree that the probable outcome will be something muddled and murky (hurricane-related vote suppression, or fraud, will be the likely rally for the losing team). There will be no riots, though, because Americans have become quite lazy and revolution is a lot of work. Dancing WIth the Stars is on tonight, you know?

      • Yeah, I think the whole idea of riots and violence is laughable for just the reason you suggest. If the total fraud of the 2008 meltdown couldn’t induce Americans to take up torches and pitch forks, the outcome on Tuesday is even less likely. However, Americans are a weird bunch in terms of what they deem important enough to take to the mattresses for – or Twitter. They don’t blink about being molested for safety reason or balk about the steady erosion of their civil rights, but add a few bucks to their tax bill to pay for services that they consider their god given right and they foam at the mouth, so I would never say never. You all are as crazy down there as I have ever seen. It’s interesting times for sure.

  2. O Canada!
    Our home and native land!
    True patriot love in all thy sons command.

    With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
    The True North strong and free!

    From far and wide,
    O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

    God keep our land glorious and free!
    O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
    O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

    Lyrics O Canada (French version)

    « O Canada! Terre de nos aïeux,
    Ton front est ceint de fleurons glorieux!

    Car ton bras sait porter l’épée,
    Il sait porter la croix!

    Ton histoire est une épopée
    Des plus brillants exploits.

    Et ta valeur, de foi trempée,
    Protégera nos foyers et nos droits.

    Protégera nos foyers et nos droits

    Doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

    As for Tuesday?
    Yeah …. we’re fucked.
    (and NOT in the good way)

    • Thanks for the refresher! It doesn’t hurt to be prepared! You’re closer to the border and have an advantage – and can get there before the Canadians build the wall!

    • The horse isn’t in your face for another four years. No-one cares what colour the horse is, or what if any religion it supports.
      It is your choice whether to put money on the horse – and it won’t extract more from your pay, your pension or your bank account. And the horse doesn’t care who marries whom.

      • Well said… and the reason we can’t entirely dismiss this as a circus… The President can’t fix much of anything, but he sets the tone, and course, for social policies more than anything else…

    • i wish we could only suffer the election season for a few months! This has been going on for almost an entire year, getting increasingly crude and stupid as we near race time…In the end, neither of these horses can do much to fix the huge, underlying economic quagmire, so voting on social beliefs is all we have left… Hoping the horse that represents tolerance steps out in front…

    • Disgusting and shameful. What scares me the most is that there is a brazen aspect to the hate speech this time. Whether it’s blatant racial commentary, or the bizzaro-world of “Types of Rape” and “Don’t Murder a Rapists Child!” talk, these buttheads simply aren’t afraid to say the things in their head out loud and in public…. One ELECTED official said “Well, of course Colin Powell endorsed President Obama.” When asked “What do you mean by that?” by the interviewer, he back-pedaled and realized he’d just dismissed the intellect of a man who had been the Secretary of State…

  3. 1) Great to see Nursey back–she popped up on my RSS reader a minute ago so i’m looking forward to popping over there in a sec.
    2) I had no idea people were so fearful that black people (the word your colleague couldn’t bring himself to use) were going to riot. What an odd reaction.
    3) I reckon the hurricane might help Obama. In as far as one can tell from the media, he and the Governor of NJ have come out of this quite well.

    • It was a lovely surprise to see nursemyra — and a delight to see her one-word photo post! Racism is thriving here – am hoping that another generation starts to knock that backward, along with the culture of homophobia that pervades conservative brains…

      whether the hurricane helps re-elect the president is to be seen. my biggest worry is that regardless of the outcome, there is virtually no hope thatth e country can come back together toward any sort of unified mass. the past four years have only widened the divide, the nastiness and the stoopidity-fueled rhetoric. we’re going backward…

  4. Luckily enough I live in a country who doesn’t give a flying fuck about politcs or politicians. Presidents, Prime Ministers, Royalty, Rebel leaders…. nah, not interested in any of them. Fuck em all.

  5. I’ve said all along that politics is a wasteland for the unoriginal and boring… now it’s just a place where the rich guys go to play when they get tired of owning sports franchises… of course i’m not a big fan of certain factions in this country who bleat about freedom this and freedom that and then decide they want to legislate what “God” i should pray to and what i should watch and what i should read and that we shouldn’t tell the kids about sex but should just tell them to abstain because we all know how well that works (just ask Bristol Palin) and of course i’m glad i don’t have a daughter so a bunch of old, white guys can make decisions about her body, the same white guys who preach abstinence and if they are practicing what they preach probably shouldn’t know a whole bunch about girly parts cuz they only have sex to procreate for the Jeebus but you know i’ve been accused of leaning a little to the left, mainly i just like to lean on the bar.

    • It’s the old dudes who want to tell me what can go in, and/or out, of my vagina that have me pretty riled up at the moment. They are saying stupid things OUT LOUD. Things they’ve been thinking for decades, but have been too afraid to speak in public. Now? They talk about various degrees of rape, and the various degrees of acceptability of such rapes, and no one bats an eyelash after the initial week of twitter-based outrage passes… Yeah. Leaning on a bar works. Buy me a drink, sailor…

      • I have tried having this discussion without the (possible) benefit of alcohol and I came to the conclusion that the proponents of the “legal rape” were so full of stuff that makes good rhubarb I had to walk away before I damaged my knuckles.
        Seriously? The rabid right is a danger to all classes, races, religions and women.

        • the simple fact is that 50% of our population supports them. votes for them. believes they are ok. these are my neighbors, co-workers, acquaintances. they agree, or agree to look away when such idiotic statements are made. bleat on about “his comments were taken out of context”. how anyone can find reasonable context for the words “legitimate rape” is astonishing… we’re screwed. and we’re forced to keep the baby…

    • yeah i’ve never heard a more disgusting phrase then “legitimate rape”, there has never been and never will be a legitimate rape, that’s why it’s called fucking rape you moron (soon to be former public servent Akin) but at least the bumpkins bounced him out of office, the real shame would have been if he was re-elected and i’m a firm believer in a woman having the right to do whatever she damn well pleases with her body, the fact that in 2012 we still even discuss this shit is maddening, start putting testicles on the chopping block and see how fast we all have the right to choose what we want…

    • i voted. early. and helped mom take care of her absentee ballot… the early voting should have an impact on total voter turnout in this state. that, and the fact that we have been courted by the candidates like the only girl at a boys school dance…

  6. Still playing catchup with everyone’s blogs… interesting that you wrote this 4 years ago, because it may as well have been last week. The sentiments are still complely relevant. I’m not sure if that comforts me or disturbs me. I think I have to go with Disturbing.

    • i’ve been off grid for a week myself, and am now playing catchup… it did surprise me that the same issues appeared. virtually no progress. but hey, no riots AGAIN after this election, so perhaps the buttheads will have to come up with something else for the next round.

    • i’m just as frustrated and disappointed with the reactions of both ‘sides’ of the divide after the election. too much “nanny nanny boo boo” from the left, and too much “waaaah! poor me! you’ll be sorry!” from the right. the chasm grows. our chances of bridging it declines… (sigh)

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