Because i couldn’t slap him from 2,000 miles away…

A former protegé is back in town, after living overseas for a few years.  As he is getting re-acquainted with our small-town vibe, i’ve been inviting him along on my recent adventures – and he was at the masquerade ball last weekend.

He’s incredibly bright, but occasionally a bit… brash.  Last night, i was eating my favorite beverage, a fine Fin du Monde ale (9% abv) while suffering through watching the final presidential debate.  For some reason, my Bullshit Tolerance Factor was surprisingly low.

This exchange on the book of faces happened in nearly real-time… While my young ‘un was on a business trip to Colorado…

G-Man:  It’s nice to be back in a state with thin/fit people.

daisyfae:  Screw you!  Us midwestern “Fluffies” are just full of candy corn and peanuts this time of year…

G-Man: LOL

daisyfae: Oh, and “Screw You**2” — this 50-year-old fat chick out-danced you Saturday night.  Word.

G-Man:  How are you fat?

daisyfae:  Makin’ with the sweet-talkin’ now?  i drink my weight in Jack Daniels and can eat my way through a Hibachi Buffet leaving a trail of flaming chopsticks…  THAT’S how i’m fat…

G-Man:  I was referring to this map…Relax.

daisyfae:  You can’t grow corn or raise pigs on a mountain.  Those scrawny-ass Coloradians need Doritos and bacon!

G-Man:  Mmmm….Doritos and bacon. ::drool::

18 thoughts on “Because i couldn’t slap him from 2,000 miles away…

    • According to BMI? i’m obese. At the moment, i can’t argue. Winter weight came on early this year, since i was too involved in other stuff to get on the bicycle on a regular basis. Need to fix that this winter. When i stop exercising, i puff up like a marshmallow…. And yeah. He had it coming!

    • Yep. This one needs the occasional wake-up call… He’s a great human, a kind and generous soul. Just a little rough around the edges on occasion. Maybe sand paper?

    • “(Lisa) “I’m going to become a vegetarian”
      (Homer) “Does that mean you’re not going to eat any pork?”
      “Yes Dad”
      “Dad all those meats come from the same animal”
      “Right Lisa, some wonderful, magical animal!””

    • He wasn’t actually calling me fat… just making observatons on the increasingly chubby demographic in our lovely country. but you’re right. i think i’ll slap him again just because…

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