Dia de los Muertos


Annual masquerade ball.  Fundraiser, attended by about a thousand people.  As of this morning, i am acutely aware of my own mortality, as i woke up feeling like death.

Sort of out of words at the moment.  And ibuprofen.

The roller derby training was a bit too little, too late to keep me on the roller skates for very long.  But i danced.  Ouch.

and the confetti cannons launch at midnight…

and the crazy old broad dances with the pretty nearly nekkid boys at 12:01…

 dia de los muertos indeed….

21 thoughts on “Dia de los Muertos

    • Oh, indeed…had to change up my make up plan due to the style of my wig/hat/helmet. So i went to ‘dia de los muertos’, partially inspired by your lovely photos of your sister…. my make up efforts were no where near as good as hers, but as they say in the auto-painting world – “it was a good 10 foot paint job”. my face looked ok from a bit of a distance!

    • yes. i’m in all of them except the one with just the two dancers – taken a few moments before i joined them! my goals for this particular party are twofold. (1) Become unrecognizable. (2) Make at least one drag queen a little bit jealous. Not sure i hit the second goal, but definitely was unrecognized by many, many friends who attended!

  1. Yay for someone to do these things and to tell us too. And how appropriate it is that you feel like you have had a preview of death today. I am sure that the dead relish the numbers of people feeling like death on a stick the day after ‘their day’.

    • i woke up wondering how much longer i can keep doing this. my feet, and lower back, were raging from several hours of dancing in boots on a concrete floor… there’s just something about a costume ball that drags it out of me, though. overweight, out of shape, and with aging bones…. i will keep at it, until i can’t…

    • Yep. This is my 5th or 6th year of this. Hard to remember, actually… My “Derby Name” is “Minnie Paws”, and i skate for the Cramptown Cougars. Custom logo and jersey, too. Didn’t have any good pics of front/back that didn’t implicate my cohorts….. will e-mail you a few of those for giggles…

    • It was pretty entertaining… and the photos keep trickling across my newsfeed and i continue to ask myself “WHAAAAAAAAT?!?!?” Monday was a deathmarch, but i’m feeling better tonight… Onward! To the next Halloween Party!

    • A funny comment on the eff-books in response to one of the post-event pics posted. “That girl in the green was an awesome dancer”. My reply: “That ‘girl’ is being yelled at today by her 50 year old feet, and is hurting in places she forgot she still had…”. Yeah. i can still make some shit happen on a dance floor… and the pretty, nearly-nekkid gay boyz liked dancing with me…. Filed Under “Not Quite Dead Yet”.

    • there were three lovely young men who seemed to find this old broad a fun partner – although it was their job to dance for, and with, attendees, we sure had a grand time through the night! when they are wearing not much more than body paint? who am i to refuse?!?!?

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