Eat. Dive. Dive. Eat. Nap. Dive. Screw*. Eat. Drink. Screw*. Sleep.

Repeat as necessary.

What is it?  Wednesday or something?  We’ve got two days of diving left, plus a good bit of time to fart around on the island.

Pondering questions no more important than “Will we get that yummy conch chowder again for lunch?” and “Why do flying fish fly?”

Spotted my first hammerhead shark today.  Sucked 200 psi of air out of my tank yelling “HAMMERHEAD” into my regulator before realizing no one could hear me…  Also succeeded in not soiling my diveskin in the process.  Score.

The degree of focus required to do this, combined with the gorgeous, isolated locale, is therapeutic.  Exhausting and satisfying.

Watching a reef shark inhale a wounded lion fish and then disappear into the deep blue within seconds.  A damn good reminder of how lucky i am to be able to do the things i do…

For now…

* This particular part of the therapy becomes optional as the week progresses, due to extreme physical, and physiological, fatigue.

38 thoughts on “Hydro-therapy

  1. Now you’re talking hen, enjoy each day above ground (or in your case below sea level) as if the divil himself is waiting in the wings to consume your tainted soul. See you in hell, We’ll do lunch.

    • will send pics when i’m back. interwebz connection is light here… because we’re supposed to be playing and not inter webbing! and i’ve yet to figure out the flying fish thing. they look just like regular fish underwater!

  2. See..Now there’s where we’re different. My overwhelming fear of sharks would have caused me to most certainly soil myself in more ways than one.
    And you could have been screwing more if it were 3 different men instead of just one man. Plus, one could have keep all the equipment clean for you in his spare time while you were getting some much needed rest to alleviate your different level of fatigue. Just saying, next time take an extra.
    And it does all sound just awesome. I’ll trade you these stupid medical coding classes for a vacation any day.

    • i think shark have gotten a bum rap for the most part. Discovery channel gets more viewers with fear than sunshine. The reef sharks are pretty much scavengers – keeping the dead things in the water from getting messy. they patrol the reef alongside us. i’ve gotten used to them… and i’m good with one at a time, regarding the gents… gets messy fast if you start mixing up the food groups!

  3. ‘i can only work on me. i’m not wired like most women, and i doubt that my approach would work well for many…’
    Wrong, wrong and wrong again’. Your posts resonate with so many of us because you are wired like us – and are more honest and sucessful in living the right life. So there.

    • have given this some thought… i think that the women who hang out here at the trailer park are different. i don’t get a lot of the “i’m a victim of life, circumstance and the world owes me something different” sorts here. there out there, though (male and female). likes my trailer park groupies, and am thankful that we all resonate on the same harmonics… thhe world is indeed flatter as a result!

      • The world is flatter and a great deal smaller too. Have you considered diving in our Great Barrier Reef. My mother nearly drowned there while snorkelling because she couldn’t stop herself from saying ‘look at that’,/i> glob, blob, glob ‘and that….’

        • yes! when i make the trek to Australia, diving the reef is going to be at least a week of my travels…. a couple on this trip did the reef a few years back, and i’ve seen their pics, heard their stories, and cannot wait to go!

  4. Eat. Dive. Dive. Drink.
    We all have our form of therapy darl.
    But as Chef Files said, every day we wake up on THIS side of the dirt is a treasure.
    Follow your bliss ….. that’s how I try to live my life …. no matter what curveballs get thrown my way!

    I don’t want to wait till we’re in hell before we have drinks though! lol 😉
    (patience is NOT one of my virtues!)

    • this has been extraordinarily therapeutic. i could have been going to a counselor for a year and spent a lot more money than i spent on this dive trip. and yes…we shouldn’t wait. will let you know when i’m skiing in your part of the world this winter!

  5. Sounds fab–everyone needs these times out of time to just indulge in what we love doing. I’m off dancing all weekend, which is my equivalent passion to your diving. Have a great rest of the hols.

    • i have learned NOT to postpone my holidays. putting off the things that bring me joy would be a mistake, as many of the things that bring me joy may ALSO shorten my lifespan… Dancing is also on my list of joyful things – hope you have a glorious time!

  6. You do know that those lion fish are the detrimental to the Gulf and such, i believe in Belize they are the only fish you are allowed to kill at will, apparently they are quite tasty as well, you can score a shirt that says something like “Saving the Reef one taco at a time”, keep up the good work.

    • yes. every caribbean dive master comes equipped with a spear – and it is our job to spot the invasive killers. on this trip it’s been especially satisfying when a lion fish bites the dust – as the reef sharks are quick to respond and take care of the nasty critters… the reefs are coming back as a result of the fishing policies!

    • can’t abandon the day job for another 5 years, but i am aggressively making contacts and planning my retirement. this is perhaps the first place i’d consider landing if i wanted to completely disappear off the face of the earth…

  7. Colour me envious. Glad you’re getting some “decompression” time, though. Think you needed the break. Besides, it’s a lot better than the bullsh*t currently going on in the world at large. Sometimes I wish I could just escape, far from the madding crowd.

    • island life is pretty good. this one is particularly empty… there’s a Club Med here, but it’s closed at the moment, so the only folks on this island are the 900 residents and a dozen of us. Not much doing. Enough internet to stay connected, but only in the restaurant/bar area… Highly recommend an island getaway. But don’t forget the bug spray…

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