Save a horse…

Had an opportunity to skip town for a few days.  Cap’n Bligh suggested we go ride horsies in the desert.  In the fractional nanosecond it took for me to respond, i wondered if i would end up being more of a spectator….

i spent an hour yesterday afternoon chasing five nervous calves around a paddock.  From the back of a gorgeous Appaloosa named Chip. 

And it was an absolute blast!  Who doesn’t want to be a cowboy?  For 60 minutes, i was living that schoolgirl fantasy.

These places make their money on feeding the dreams of middle-aged folks reclaiming their childhood.  The wranglers make it work… And also don’t want you (or their horses) to get hurt in the process.

More riding ahead. 

If i’ve been scarce in your comment boxes, it’s because i’m off to chase them dogies… Loping my doughy, middle-aged ass across the Sonoran desert.  Pretending that i’m a Cartwright… Singing “Sweet Baby James” to my horse. 

“Regulators!  Mount up!”

38 thoughts on “Save a horse…

    • Thanks, Jeannie! Happy MD to you as well! there’s a lot of work that has to happen behind all of the fun — i’m far too lazy to want to do it myself. Having enough cash to have a hired staff is the way to go. Unless and until i get rich? i’ll have to keep ‘renting’ the horsies…

    • finally found a homely horse in the pack. one of the wranglers was riding him… looks like someone assembled a horse from leftover parts… but he was very sweet.

  1. I suspect riding motorcycles is better because they tend to vibrate a lot. Of course, having something big and sweaty between your legs probably isn’t to bad either…

    • It has been amazing… dream camp, for sure. I will have to do this again. We’ve met people who have been coming here on holiday for decades. i can see why…

  2. I came across your comments on looby, and had to visit, and I’m glad I did.
    I’m so bloody jealous I’m spitting green tacks.

    Working/playing as a cowboy/girl is fantastic.

    I can’t really say anymore, I’m off to bash my head against a stone wall, hoping the pain will remove the envy.

    BTW, do you have a Curly?

    • Good that you stopped by! i’ve enjoyed your posts as well. Of the 20-30 folks here at the ranch this week, about half are from Europe. And about a third are Brits – many making return visits. C’mon over! It’s a blast!

      Not really “Curly” (although i rode a horse with that name). But the head wrangler is an amazing fella – not really that talkative, but he knows a lot about horses. i may write up a bit about him later – of all the things i’ve seen this week, watching that man take a 2,000 pound horse through the barrel race course completely blew my mind…

    • can’t exactly tame a horse — but i’ve managed to avoid being tossed off one this week. while climbing and descending some rather steep hills. mostly riding as a ‘passenger’ – these horses are used to that. but it’s marvelous good fun! you should bring Carmine! Would love to hear his description of it all….

    • Not perfectly comfortable — but found that it helps to have a ‘job’. i was most comfortable doing the cattle chasing. not focused as much on the position of my legs, feet, but on chasing cows… will continue with my lessons, and hope i do better next time!

  3. Bloody Happiness Engineers…
    First, Beth got in with my gag. So I’m left with this lame old one: how will you explain to Mr.Pickles why you have bought a dachshund?

    • it was a good week… well, a long weekend, anyway. will continue with the riding lessons so i’m less of a city girl on the next visit. and there will be a next visit — although both of my spawn have already nixed this as our winter holiday next year. spoil sports…

  4. And where are the pics of Cap’n Bligh? or at least his chaps..
    I envy you horseback riding..I did it as a kid and can’t wait to start again now that I’m catching up to you in age..
    Happy Mother’s Day!!

    • i’ve got some photos of the Cap’n doing the butterfly in the pool. i suppose i could put one of those up….

      never too old to do what you love! go for it!

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