Pass the paper bag that holds the bottle

About 3 years ago, i wrote about a reconnection with a long-time friend, JK.  We’d found each other again after a solid gap of five years — and vowed not to let so much time pass between our conversations.

Well… Three and a half is less than five, so i guess we kinda sorta almost got it right.

Known for his brusque style and ability to follow through on projects, he carried a massive workload before he retired.  He was one of my first, and probably most frustrated, mentors.  We made quite a team back in the day!  Me in the miniskirts and stilettos stumping for funding.  Him doing all of the detail work, and keeping me from overselling the science.

Since our last conversation…

He’s finished up the renovation of his home on a lake, more than doubling the size.  Still has the sailboats, he had to give up competing in the national regattas because he’s blown out his knees.

Still painting… “I’ve got about 48 unfinished canvases in my studio”. 

Gardening is now a larger part of his life…  “You oughta see the size of my cucumbers!”

Filling him in on my adventures over the past few years?  On my second motorcycle.  Added a third gentleman to the rotation.  Continuing to attempt to learn to ski – and failing miserably.  Horseback riding lessons have been more rewarding – and far less painful.  Certified as a Master SCUBA diver last year.

JK:  SCUBA?  One of my brothers is pretty serious about that.  I’ve always been curious.

daisyfae:  It’s easy on the joints!  i’ll dive with you…

JK:  …

daisyfae:  And don’t you dare say it!  Don’t you DARE!  i dive with folks in their 60’s and 70’s!

We’ve each got daughters living abroad – mine in Turkey, his in Central America.  Sons pursuing arts and trades.  Everyone healthy.  Balanced lives – at least for the moment.

As we were planning our next lunch, and i prepared to go back to the office, he mentioned that his son is a finalist in the International Glass Prize competition in Belgium.

JK:  I don’t have much presence on the internet.  I don’t “tweet” or facebook or anything.  It’s some ‘popular opinion’ prize, in addition to the adjudicated prizes.  He could win grants, fellowships and shit…

The plan?  To continue the conversation in his double kayak once the weather warms up a bit.  i’m pretty sure i can talk him into taking out the sailboat again, too…

There are some remarkable works here – and if you feel compelled to cheer for a very talented young man, his work is entitled “Bottle”.  One vote per unique ip address…

35 thoughts on “Pass the paper bag that holds the bottle

    • The glass draws me in. Smooth. Cold. Colored, opaque, or transparent…. always want to touch glass. which makes cleaning windows in my place a waste of time!

  1. It’s rare we get to keep the friends we make at work. Glad you got to make an exception with JK. I’ve got a friend with drive like that. Started a successful business, got married, had kids, all while getting his Ph.D. Since then, there has been the Christmas tree farm, the restored cars, the charity work…

    • Now that you mention it, i haven’t retained many of the work friendships. When i changed tech fields, but working for the same company, i lost track of many people – and they of me. Very telling that JK and i keep making the effort…

  2. Cool stuff – I did a glassblowing course my lady wife bought me some years back – one of my first sober “holy cow” experiences, a) that she thought that of me to buy it b) the fun of doing it c) the level of it… I made a jug thing, two paperweights (where it all started, I collected them until I filled up the shelves!) and a plate/shallow bowl… but nothing to the quality this guy does! Brilliant

    • What a fabulous gift! Glassblowing is something that i’d love to try – and you may have inspired me to find a local (or regional) shop that teaches classes! Even just to do it once (or twice) would be tremendous — and i’m sure would lead me to appreciate the art of glass even more than i already do!

  3. Enjoyed this post. Glad you could reconnect. I like the double kayak idea. I also voted. I think you have some major influence, daisy, it is interesting to see the disparity in the vote numbers at that page…

    • Not sure i have all that much influence – he’d already had some votes when i posted the link. i suspect many of the artists aren’t inclined to worry about the ‘public’ prize. Although a fellowship is a fellowship!

      Really glad we connected again. He is one of the most charming curmudgeons i’ve ever met, and is a good human. i don’t like to let go of those…

    • Be careful what you ask for, sir. i may be headed your way one of these days, and will hold you to that offer! i hope one of us has a boat. that would make it easier…

  4. we can rent kayaks down heah, sugar…jes sayin! ;~) off to vote xoxoxo

    (it’s me, savannah, wp only likes the ’49 handle)

    • thank you! you have kayaks – but y’all also got a lot of snakes! let’s drink and listen to jazz, ok?

      and wordpress has given me a grand headache with this ‘login bullshit’. grrr….

    • honest negotiation of expectations prior to getting on the carousel. sometimes takes awhile. sometimes ends up with a handshake. not for everyone. and – i’ve learned by failures – sometimes people think it’s ok, and then find they don’t. turns out, it’s a lot of work. but relationships that are good aren’t always easy…

    • Thanks, Dr. R! The horseback riding is tough on the butt/back/thighs… but it’s getting easier the more i do it… and i have spent a lot more time ‘up in the stirrups’ on the last few lessons. the thighs are getting some action…

      Haven’t hit the ‘nauseous’ yet… too busy trying not to fall off the damn horse!

  5. I’m so envious of your writing style Daisyfae! How you manage to say so much with so few words. We should all be so fortunate to have such talent! I’ve got your back sistah; and he’s got your vote he’s got mine! 🙂

    • i’m not a writer. i’m a blogger. my target ‘thought fart’ is 500 words, and i only go over that if viscious editing doesn’t work. and grammar? whazzat? appreciate the compliment, but i’m a hack… a very happy hack, thankful to have made such remarkable connections out here through the words. you’re a gem. i need figure out how to get over there and hang out with you… this is not a big travel year for me, though. the future holds tremendous promise, though!

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