…like a fish needs a what?

Farting around.  Serving no greater purpose than focusing on the moment at hand.  For the better part of the last five years.  It’s what i’ve done.  It’s what i do.

Late last year, i attended a few meetings of a regional bicycle advocacy group.  After a few follow-up discussions, i was invited to join the board of directors.  The group has been in existence since the 1960’s, but became dormant in recent years.  The remainder of the board was making one last run at resurrection – and wanted me to fill the empty board seat.

What the hell?  i’ve been battling a bit of restlessness for the past few months.  They needed what i got.  Were very surprised when they saw my resume – combination of professional chubb with a long history of regional board memberships.  Despite my “Party Girl” reputation…

i started attending monthly board meetings in January, and have been working on a variety of projects and activities on my own time.  Most of our interaction happens via e-mail.  It’s hard to get to know strengths, weaknesses, and styles of colleagues without daily interaction, but we are definitely working through the glitches and getting things accomplished.  They are good animals, and it’s been fun so far.

If i really want to get inside the mind of another human being, i try to elicit laughter.  If you can make someone laugh?  You start to understand how he works.  As i try to get to know the other board members, this has proven invaluable.

The April meeting was on a fairly tight schedule, with a lot of turf to cover.  We met at Archie’s house – bringing laptops, notes and beer.  A nice balance of “business” and “pleasure”.  Much of our discussion was around planning activities for an upcoming event where we hope to make a visible splash with our resurrected presence in the region.

Bob (President, and Serious Businessman):  Would it be possible for us to find a vacant parking lot and launch an exhibition bike polo game?  How much room would you need?

Kendall (Radical cyclist, party animal, and historian):  We play 3-on-3 games, and that includes the goalies.  Would still take a good-sized lot…

daisyfae:  How did you teach the ponies to ride bicycles?


After a beat, three of the guys at the table laughed.  One rolled his eyes.

Kendall [looking confused]:  It’s bike polo.  We ride bikes, not horses?

daisyfae:  It was a joke.  Guess if i have to explain that, it’s a “failed joke”.

pic found here

36 thoughts on “…like a fish needs a what?

  1. Sometimes it is the joke that fails and at other times (and this is one of them) the failure is between the ears of the listener.

    • It wasn’t a failure. He eventually laughed. For a cute, young, hipster-partyboy, he’s very serious about things when in ‘work’ mode. This is part of the ‘teasing out’ of communication styles. Now i know. And he knows that i’m a dork.

  2. That opening paragraph is the very definition of Buddhist meditation in a nutshell. Did you do that on purpose?

    Keep those zingers coming. They will soon come to know what they’re dealing with.

    Off topic (again): I’ve been trying to get tickets for The Best Man before it closes but they are impossible to come by. You lucky.

    • Oh, you’re picking up my terrible writing habits! i do it… well…. just because i write ‘stream of consciousness’ style. But many people find it annoying! The week is off to a wild start… we’ll see where it ends!

        • looby, dear… i am a blogger, not a writer. Never claimed to be anything other than that. And blogging is the mother of all forms of literary masturbation (except, perhaps, bad, non-rhyming, un-metred poetry). so i can do it anyways i wants to, right? 😉

  3. Okay, that joke was fucking hilarious. I’ll be laughing at that one all damned day. Anybody who doesn’t find that funny is a commie pinko bastard.

    • i think it’s pretty brilliant… a modified version of the “water polo” joke. Not sure i’d call them ‘commie pinko’, but definitely ‘bastard’….

  4. i’m borrowing the joke, it was funny, reminds me of the time my buddy sheila and i were goofing at the shopping centre at christmas complaining that ‘noel’ and ‘joy’ got all the nice stuff and now many couples are there of ‘noel’ and ‘joy’….only to have a well intending clerk explain christmas to us which of course had the result of us pee’ing our pants lauging and unable to speak and leaving the store doubled over.

  5. I admire your willingness to “get involved”. I imagine many groups, etc. could make use of some my “skills”, but I just can’t be bothered. The down side of that, though, seems to be along the lines of “when they came for me, there was no one left to speak up for me.” *sigh*

    • my children are grown. that was the biggest “loss of purpose” i faced. sure, they need me around, but daily operations of the household is not what gets me out of bed in the morning. work? meh. i used to give a shit. now? i phone it in.

      what i was lacking was a sense of utility. i’m sure you have that with family. at home. when that’s gone? it’s sort of liberating – and weird.

      so i’ll try this. after just a few months, i’ve been told i’ve been a catalyst to get it going — not anything i’m doing, just the fact that there’s a new board member. so hopefully it’ll be for something good. if not? i’ll give it a couple years and move back into full time fartage…

  6. I thought it was a great joke and I would have gotten it immediately. There is nothing more disheartening than having made a great joke and having someone look at you blankly. I have that happen way too often, I’m afraid.

    I guess I’m too scary. No one ever asks me to be on a board. I’d probably say no anyway. I’m so overcommitted already.

    • Kendall is kinda like a diode — on and off state. he’s either serious or he’s playing. i think it was the juxtaposition of the serious/funny that threw him. he’s a good troop!

      the board work i’ve done has been all over the map. planned parenthood a few years ago, three different stints on the community theater board, then commander-in-chief of my own one woman board for the skatepark build… this one is a nice hybrid. and i like working with cyclists FAR better than theater people… the degree of self-absorption is orders of magnitude lower!

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