How do you know it’s real?

It was love at first sight.  i saw her in the parking lot at work. Two weeks ago.  Suzuki sport/tour bike.  Candy Apple red, with a gleaming v-twin bouncing the morning light in my eyes.

“What IS that?  She’s beautiful!”

“97 Suzuki.  Thinking about selling it.  Bought it two years ago, and don’t ride it much.”

“Sold.  How much you want for it?”*

Grinding the gears.  Getting a feel for the brakes.  Nearly doing a face-plant into a telephone pole on the test ride.  Loving the warmth of the engine underneath you.  Slowly letting yourself un-pucker on the 30 mile ride home, with Studley in the chase vehicle**.

Heart racing when you see her.  Pupils dilated.  Face flushed.  When she’s between your legs, you’re scared shitless, but you don’t want to ever, ever stop…


* Yes.  i know this is not proper bartering technique.  Fuck it.  Who’s to argue with true love? 

** If i lay down the bike, it’s nice to know that the person running over me will be my best friend.  Driving my car.

40 thoughts on “How do you know it’s real?

    • as much as i’d love to have an older ‘dispatch’ cycle, and the costume and props to go with it? i think i’ve learned a lesson about old bikes. you need to be able to do your own maintenance/repair if you’re going that route. this one is shinyprettyfast already…

    • there is a clock ticking over my head – which is why i couldn’t wait another season to do this. only for now. only for a few years. i will have to put this one away, and want to enjoy it while i can…

  1. Daisyfae!
    What a beautiful smile you have!!! 🙂
    Oh, the bike is a beauty, too! Gosh, I hope you’ll be careful riding. Wanna know what my mom used to call bikers? Organ donors! She was a surgical nurse.
    Hubby used to ride a Harley…so I know how it is…be safe!

    • i look far better when i’m happy. and that was a very happy moment. celebrating the bike as much as surviving the ride home! i’ve heard motorcycles called “donor cycles” before. a reminder that it’s dangerous… most long rides? are with my riding buddy — two bikes are somewhat more visible than one. and we only ride in daylight. for now…

  2. OK, now I have bike envy. Last bike I owned was in 1981 in India, an Enfield India 350 single.

    So glad you found a special friend, and the bike too!

    • riding a motorbike in india, or vietnam, or thailand…something i need to do. part of this is practice for when i eventually start my trek around the world. being able to ride a motorcycle is a necessary skill!

    • i do look better happy… and it’s less messy than makeup! between the horseback riding and the motorbike, i get moments of sheer joy. both mixed with a teeny-tiny bit of fear…

    • Xena is my muse. First female superhero that really never had to be rescued. The custom tags on my jeep? i wanted “WWXD” for “What would Xena drive?” but someone beat me to it…

    • i’ve only been riding for 3 seasons. i will not go without a helmet anytime soon. i don’t yet ride at night, because you can only see as far as your headlight! i am scared shitless every time i’m on the bike. at the moment, can’t imagine riding without a helmet… not that it would save my life if i get hit by a dump truck.

    • she’s a lovely red wench… i have spent an embarassing amount of time in my garage just looking at her saying “wow. that’s mine? really? that’s my bike?” while wiping drool from the corners of my mouth…

    • as my son said a couple years ago, as he watched Studley and i ride off on our motorcycles, wearing our neon yellow high-visibility kevlar jackets, and full face helmets “That is the wussiest looking motorcycle gang I’ve ever seen!”…. i still can’t believe it’s mine! and for HALF the price i was willing to spend on a bike. (swoon)

  3. “When she’s between your legs, you’re scared shitless, but you don’t want to ever, ever stop”
    There is SUCH a dirty joke in there! 😉

    I must admit, she is one sexy lil ‘ red wench!
    And if she’s like most (all) red heads I know (myself included), then she’s a lil feisty! lol
    The pure joy and happiness on your face says EVERYTHING!
    Enjoy her Ms. Daisy …. just please be safe.
    Or should we call you Xena?! 🙂

    • excellent point – she’s a red head! and the gas tank matches the air cleaner covers, too!

      i’ve been called Xena for a few years… something to do with the halloween costume i put together a few years back!

  4. Steppenwolf just entered the head… “Get your motor running. Head out on the Highway. Looking for adventure”.

    Never got a bike – given my perennial balance issues, often I have difficulty just standing up myself I don’t think a bike is a smart move really!

  5. I’m glad i’m not the only one who caught the Xena poster, you sure there’s not a bong hidden somewhere in that garage? and not the boy’s either.

    • “Trixie” is the leading contender, thanks to Ms. Blazingfyre above…. But i’ll have to make sure the name fits… Does riding a female bike make me a lesbitarian?

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