Melting away…

Where is this year going?  Beats me, man…

No time to think deep thoughts about time travel, or do much scribbling.  Or clean the garage to make way for the in-bound toy.  Or finish up the office renovation project.

But… Things do not suck.  My little town blues are melting away.  i’m once again off to the big city on business.  Perhaps a little pleasure thrown in for grins.

gorgeous image found here

34 thoughts on “Melting away…

    • there will be serious daisyfun! with a rather unfortunate amount of ‘daisypaysthebills’, too… but i’m thrilled that the trip is happening – was very close to being stabbed by the financiers!

    • You worry because i’m insane! But you should know that i’m quite adept at “risk management” (a substantial part of my job), so it often appears that i’m taking far more chances than an intelligent being should… this one? should be pretty breezy!

    • and the things i haven’t posted? sweet blue baby jeebus on a matchstick, it’s been wild… this may be just what i need – as you say a ‘circuit-breaker’ – to get back to my more manageable degree of crazy… but what a ride!

  1. Will you still be in New York this Friday night? I’ll be there for a Blogologues fundraiser. I’m told it’ll be swanky. As swanky as a party can be with a cash bar. (Sorry. I’ll buy you a drink.) I’ll also be readily available Saturday afternoon, if you’re around. Let me know!

      • @alonewithcats — unfortunately i can’t extend this trip. would have loved to stay for the Blogologue fundraiser and a chance to visit with you, but i’ve had to push the envelope just to get there for a few days mid-week!

        @nursemyra – chat colour is chartreuse? i assume some shade of green. these are the things i missed in ‘chick school’… i was in the garage, mucking with power tools, when ‘colour subtlety’ was being taught.

  2. come back to savannah, sugar! hand to gawd, the MITM will NOT be stuck in some war zone insanity and i won’t be struck senseless with anxiety and unable to move! *knock wood cos there’s always a chance…* but forget all of that, have a delish time in NYC and send me a postcard, please? xoxoxoxoxo

  3. The Big City!
    I haven’t been there in a few years, but plan to swing in sometime this summer.

    Have a fabulous time in the City and an even more fabulous time with UB!
    (I too am VERY curious about the “new toy”) 🙂

  4. Shit it’s the equinox! So therefore officially spring or summer or something – we should all throw our clothes off and run around the town… maybe not still have the community service order since the last time I thought that was a neat idea 😉

  5. Well, you couldn’t have picked better weather. Too bad about the conferences. I would have played hooky from work and I REALLY would have shown you the town. Well done on remembering the nooks and crannies I showed you the last time.

    As always, that was a fun night out. Not my typical Tuesday! Thanks, again for stopping in. Next time don’t turn your pretty little nose up at a dish of beets. They were delicious.

    • you can have the pickled beets. really. i’m generous that way. never a fan of vegetables…not when there’s beer and bacon on my plate!

      as always, you have helped me target the two coolestfuckingshows to hit this particular week. i just counted James Earl Jones’ ear hairs, forfuckssake. The man owned the stage. And the stages in the four adjacent theaters… talking with the bartender during the first intermission, i said “God, i’m such a hick — but that’s JamesEarlFuckingJones… Wow!” and he said “Oh, not just you, honey! They do vocal warm ups every night — and i KNOW when he’s there. He’s the real thing!” Shazam!

  6. Little town blues eh? Cool if I know you there will be some serious mischief-seeking to do. Hey, you’d better make time before you leave to stop in over at my place. We have a winner…

    • will get there soon — didn’t think i should watch the video while i was “working” (ahem, cough, cough) during my meeting today!

      took one of my “young ‘uns” out for happy hour tonight — channeling the Unbearable one… and showed this kid the best kept secret in Times Square. Then fed him chicken wings and 2 martinis before i sent him on his way. Best boss ever? Or evil mother-figure? We’ll know tomorrow when he shows up – or not – at the meeting!

    • you, sir, are correct…. each passing day is just a smaller fraction of the life i’ve already lived. hence, the perception of speed.

      i’m gonna have to slow myself down and enjoy it!

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