Mad as a hatter…

This showed up in my inbox last week.  From last October.  A costume ball.  i went with a friend who is a rather accomplished photographer.

He fussed with his makeup as i minced about his house in my costume.  i’d catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror, or a reflection in glass.  Madly in love with the hat and red wig, i exclaimed “i’d totally hit that!  She’s hot!” while he finished putting the accesories on his Catholic schoolgirl costume…

It took him a few months to finish the pic, but he sent it to me a couple of weeks ago.

“Dear Daisyfae – Happy Valentine’s Day!  If you don’t have a date, have a wank to this picture of yourself instead.”

57 thoughts on “Mad as a hatter…

    • they are 9’s. maybe if you wore thick socks? the hat was a ‘stumbled-upon’ thing find — and i built the costume around it! someday, i shall get to wear it again – but it will rest in my costume closet until the next opportunity!

    • thinking about putting an “I Love Me” wall in the bedroom – and it would have a couple of “corset friday” shots along side this bad boy…. why not?

    • i can do a costume at the drop of a hat. at the hint of a drop of a hat… my wig collection would make a drag queen drool…. and that hat. that GLORIOUS hat. what i love about this pic is that it truly a photo of the hat. the legs are in the noise!

    • When i was in my 20’s, if anyone had told me i’d be “mincing about” in public in a corset and boots as i approach 50? i’d have said ‘ewwww’…. but then said ‘cool!’ it’s a costume – and i’m heavily made up. but it sure is a grand photo!

    • as i said – it’s a costume. and there’s A LOT of hardware under that rig… but it was a blast! he’s a pretty talented photographer/artist. he’s been working on a giant portrait of me for the past 3 years. well… i’m pretty sure he hasn’t been working on the portrait that whole time. he’s been writing books…

  1. MEOW and RAWR!
    The Hat ….
    The corset ….
    The pose ….

    That is a frame worthy picture that someday your grandkids will look at and say, “I want to be just like HER!”

    I think I need a cigarette now …… *phew*

  2. Hey, Purim is coming (this week)…Jews dress up in costumes and party hearty. OK, mostly just the kids and mostly as Queen Esther and other bible characters, but lots of leeway allowed…go for it!

    • i look much better with a fisheye lens, and when my face is hidden by a gigantic (and ridiculously cool) hat! now, if i could just figure out how to live my entire life in this manner…

  3. If I were ever to switch teams….
    I read a comment that you’re considering a 50th b-day party? That sounds fun, we could all come dressed as our favorite Daisy Fae story

    • i’ve been struggling with a theme for the party – which is why planning is stalled. i think you’re onto something. after all, it really is all about me.

      i just feel bad for whoever has to wear that elvis costume…

  4. WoW! This is fantastic Daisy Fae! I wish I had somehting like this of me. You know to look at in 10 years when alll goes south. *pretending it’s all still where it should be*

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