daisy, daisy…

Still slammed, but took most of the day off for an excursion in Capital City with Mr. X*.  Gorgeous, unseasonably warm winter day was not to be wasted, so the plan was to bike downtown for lunch, then hit a theatrical production at the local university.

But my knee remains somewhat gimpy** after the latest injury.  i’ve been biking through the warm winter, but not pushing myself hard.

Mr. X:  Do you want to try my tandem?

daisyfae:  Ummm…. Do you think i can manage it?

Mr. X:  Well, you’ll need to be completely submissive, and that goes against your nature…

daisyfae:  Hey!  i can sub – i just have to pick the right dom!  i don’t trust just anyone!

And so we went.

To ride on the back seat of a tandem bicycle requires some serious concessions.  There is no steering.  With my feet in ‘cages’ on the pedals, when we stop?  He holds the bike upright.  When he pedals?  i pedal.  Whether i feel like it or not…

The view is a bit different, too.  Mostly, i’m staring at his ass back, trying to stay centered, and not toss the balance out of whack.

This was something new for him as well.  The only other person who rides on the back of that bike is his son.  The kid has been riding back seat since he was about seven years old.  Now that he’s fifteen?  He’s pretty comfortable back there.

So Mr. X had to communicate a little more than usual.  To keep from dragging pedals on the pavement, right turns require keeping the right foot up through the corner.  Similar process for left turns.

It took a few minutes, but i sort of got the hang of it.  The physical part was easy.  The psychological part?  Whoa…

Mr. X:  Keep pedaling back there!  You don’t have any brakes, honey!  If you stop pedaling, it won’t stop the bike!

Lunch, two beers and the first half of a reasonably decent show later, we were headed back to his place.  Almost twenty miles covered. It was getting more comfortable, but giving up control was still causing me headaches.

Some advantages, though.  Conversation was easy, and we didn’t have to worry about running into each other.

Mr. X:  You’re doing great for your first time out!

daisyfae:  It’s still weird, but i’m enjoying it!  It’s different…

Mr. X:  It’s up to the Captain to keep you on the bike!  Front seat is called “Captain” and back seat is either “Stoker” or “Rear Admiral”.

daisyfae:  “Rear Admiral”.  i like that…

And i continued to enjoy the view… staring at his fine, spandex-covered ass, nestled nicely between my hands on the seat in front of me…

* In case you need a scorecard to keep track, Mr. X is the extremely fit bicycle commuter, with a body that’s built for two the physique of a gymnast. 

** Basketball.  Turns out, 49 1/2-year-old women may not be cut out for this game.  Landed hard from a lay-up and jammed the knee.  Hurts like a motherfucker sometimes.  Worst part?  Missed an easy shot.

42 thoughts on “daisy, daisy…

  1. well, if you’re staring at that, it’s a damn fine thing you weren’t driving. do you have to ride in front when you’re on separate bikes, just to avoid accidents? and, you? sub? even with the right dom? bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!! glad you were able to get outside on such a gorgeous day!

    • i like to ride parallel, on the right side – unless there’s oncoming traffic, or some show off passing… less distractions that way! whether it’s legs or butt!

      i am technically ‘switch’. i just have to audition my doms. and the bar is high. so stop laughing. ok? seriously, STOP! damn it…. [hate it when you’re right…]

  2. This sounds like great fun to me! And I’m not the sporting type – give me books, dvds, craft stuff etc and I’m happy to spend hours on my own in my sedentary pursuits.
    However, one of the most exciting things I know is to ride pillion on a motor bike with someone who’s riding skills I am sure of. Arms around the driver or holding on to the thingy on the back, I love becoming one with the driver, moving with them, leaning always as they lean. The wind. The speed. The controlled risk. I swear it’s almost meditative for me. Calm and excitement. Damn shame I know no such bike rider these days, I’m hanging out for another go!

  3. Actually, it’s still sedentary really isn’t it? Ha ha!

    And I love the title of the post, ties in perfectly.

    Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer, do.
    I’m half crazy all for the love of you.
    It won’t be a stylish marriage;
    I can’t afford a carriage,
    but you’ll look sweet upon the seat
    of a bicycle built for two.


    • riding on the back of a motorbike is physical – works the core, i think. especially that ‘hanging on’ part!

      the song didn’t hit me til i was trying to find a title for the post, by the way…

    • as he gave me instructions – “If I say ‘slowing’, it means reduce speed…” – he also said “If I say “hold your breath”, it means I’m going to fart”. Best i could tell, he didn’t…

    • it wasn’t ‘always’. when my spawn got into sports and school things, i got very involved with coaching and chaperoning and room-mothering and all that shit. once they grew up? i was free to do my own thing… the blog was the start of it, actually, as i tried to figure out what to do as an empty nest, divorcee…

      the degree of risk in my games has definitely gone up. kids are mostly grown, i’m well insured, and still have a modicum of health and good reflexes… it’s now or never.

  4. Rear Admiral …. *snort*

    I’m not sure I could “do” tandem …. but it sure sounds like a whole lotta fun!
    Especially with a “fine, spandex-covered ass, nestled nicely between my hands on the seat in front of me…” 😀

    • at first, i was craning my neck to see around him. but then my neck started to hurt. so i stared at his back. and butt. helped pass the time, and kept my neck from hurting…

      and yes, he wears the glorious muscle-defining, body-hugging spandex. unfortunately, for comfort and warmth, i wear the not-so-glorious lump-highlighting, blob-enhancing spandex…

  5. I miss coming here. But, here I am.

    I have a hard time with people behind me. I can’t escape the eerie feeling that they are drawing on my back. I know I should be able to feel the marker as they scribble happy faces or write “kick me” but there are so many new inventions in the field of markers, perhaps they’ve come up with one that you can’t feel…

    …and if you really want to feel pain, try playing basketball against a team of 11 and 12 year old boys. That will bring out your submissive and masochistic side.

    • Hi Burst! I still check out your photos – Don’t always comment. mindblowing, on a regular basis!

      Wish i had thought of that “writing on his back” thing. Could add an entirely new dimension to the ride… make him guess what words i’m spelling… When i first started playing basketball (in my 30’s) i played at the local YMCA with a bunch of junior high boys. and they routinely kicked my ass… but i taught them how to swear.

      • You might want to pay a lot of attention to keeping your quadriceps strecthed out. A lot of times that will have a huge impact on the health of the knee joint, for several reasons which I will not go into here as they get very anatomically technical.

    • that’s just it – i have to pedal. my feet are stuck to the pedals, and my pedals are hooked to his… it is almost forced exercise. Mr. X has suggested his new callsign can be “Captain Bligh” – as in “Pedal faster, ya lazy wench!”

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