Always use protection

Installed a shelf in my garage last fall.  The helmet shelf…

From left to right:  Paintball mask.  Ski helmet.  Motorcycle helmet.  Horseback riding helmet.  Bicycle helmet.

If any of these get a little too dusty?  i’m doing it wrong.

What’s missing?

Stay tuned…

i’m still a bit buried with stuff.

Work has thrown me some of the most incredible “you’ve got to be shitting me?” moments ever.  Just when i think people can’t surprise me?  i am proven wrong.  Repeatedly.  Sometimes within the same day.

Skiing?  Sort of.  With the warm winter, it’s been more like pushing slush from the top of a hill to the bottom without breaking a leg whilst wearing slippery sticks on my feet.  But, the warm weather has allowed weekly horseback riding lessons to continue!  And a few bicycle rides thrown in for good measure.

The home office renovation project continues – hoping for completion over the weekend.  If the planets align, it will allow me a chance to gather all tax documentation before the end of this month.

And then there are those other things… Things that don’t require helmets.  But probably should…

39 thoughts on “Always use protection

    • oh, honey – if i were good at any of this stuff? i wouldn’t need all the helmets! other than bicycling, i’m in ‘trainee mode for all of this! just started motorcycling and skiing a couple years ago… and horseback lessons? last November. it is never too late to start something new….

  1. I’m with gracefully 50. And if there is anything you can’t do, would you give it a try anyhow? Essentially I guess I want to know is there anything is your ‘no, never, not in any circumstances’ pile.

    • yes. people often ask if i’ve ever jumped from a plane, or gone bungee jumping. no. and likely never (unless a plane is on fire, that is…). terrifying and near paralyzing fear of heights… i know that i’ll never be a great skiier, or exceptional horseback rider – i just want to have enough proficiency to really kick back and enjoy both activities… and motorcycling? need to be damn proficient at that. same with scuba. those are the two that are most likely to kill me…

  2. The only helmet I have is part of a Darth Vader mask.
    It talks too.
    ‘You don’t know the power of the dark side.’
    ‘Don’t make me destroy you.’
    ‘Your powers are weak.’
    ‘There is no escape.’
    ‘The force is with you.’
    There’s another button that sounds like he’s having the asthma attack from hell.
    And one more button connected to a small mic in the headpiece that makes the wearer sound like a baby Darth Vader.
    Great fun!

    • i think you have the coolest helmet of all! i would wear it all the time – at the grocery store – “Do you have the chicken salad today?”. At the post office – “One book of stamps, please”. And at work – “Your powers are weak! Don’t make me destroy you!”

      • I love the idea of wearing it shopping! I’d like to have it on when I am in a clothing emporium and ask the poor girl “Why aren’t their pockets in the ladies’ slacks?” Then put my hand up and squeeze air the way Darth Vader does and imagine the designer and store managers who choose such idiocies for the racks to be choking and gasping for air as they die…..

  3. To paraphrase Jerry Seinfeld, a crash helmet is essentially there to protect the brain that willingly puts itself into a situation that requires a crash helmet. So what’s missing? An “I laugh at death” t-shirt maybe?

    • Great truth from Mr. Seinfeld… i enjoy doing stuff. to the point that i have more stuff to do. so this is risk mitigation, not elimination. and i don’t actually laugh at death. i’m just more afraid of not living than i am of dying…

    • i’m the queen of half-assed. sometimes i make it to 3/4-assed, but usually half is as much as i can muster… rather than train you, i’d just do it myself. how are you at fetching beer and making sandwiches?

  4. That helmet shelf says it all. From my point of view, what is missing in the picture is the gun that goes with the retriever, hunting vest and helmet, but I suppose that is very NRA of me.

    I admire your willingness to go out and learn something new, to be willing to risk more than just pride to acquire new skills. As far as helmets go it sounds to me like you need one that repels the stuff that goes flying around in the s***storms at your office???

    • if i were worried about pride? what others thought of my inability to do things well? there wouldn’t be much on my plate! it’s the act of doing things… of learning things… that really gets me jazzed.

  5. Rose hanging over the helmet shelf says it all! 🙂
    (I have her hanging on my ‘favorite things’ wall!)

    Hmm ….. the only thing ‘missing’ is YOUR suitcase/backpack/duffle bag ready to fly off to your next adventure!

    How’s the horseback riding lessons?
    I worked at a stable in another life and took people out on the trails.

    • about 8 lessons under my belt, and i’m loving it! have progressed through extended trot — and even got to drive a sulky one night when i was alone in the arena! just something i’ve always wanted to do… and i’m getting better. great workout for the ass/legs, too!

  6. if life didn’t drop the other boot on me regularly i’d think something was wrong! one day at a time and i don’t see a speck of dust on any of those fantastic go girl!
    ps, don’t have a blog unsure why it says i have one, must have been one of those blurry wine nights and it’s out there somewhere with the forgotten pass word list. =)

    • yeah… just when i think i’ve got it all sussed out, there’s that damnable boot again!

      it didn’t imply that you had a blog – i was just wondering! wanted to stop by and say “hi”. but i’ll just do it from here instead!

    • i have bad hair and a gigantic head to start with. “helmet head” is my natural state of being. adding actual helmets, it turns out, makes very little difference…

    • i’m very surprised you don’t have a helmet for daily wear. equally surprised that Lo, TG doesn’t put one on you – backwards – on occasion for volume control…

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