Merry Christmas

i have many tales to tell. But not just yet…

The Boy and i have started our journey home, and The Girl is back at her apartment, recovering from our visit.

Through the years, it became a family tradition as we erected* the Christmas tree, for me to stand back and say (in my best June Cleaver voice) “It’s the most BEAUTIFUL Christmas tree EVER!”. The kids would play along with this saying “Yes, Mother! It really IS the most beautiful Christmas tree we’ve ever had!”

This year? We spent Christmas Eve in a very nice hotel room, thousands of miles away from the unopened box in the storage room at home that holds two decades worth of Christmas ornaments.

During the afternoon, The Boy and i were camped in the hotel room, waiting for The Girl to finish working for the day. Since i am a frequent visitor at this particular hotel chain, i had been granted access to the Executive Lounge. With an open bar. The mini-fridge up there was loaded with Carlsberg and Tuborg Gold!

Sipping free beer as we prepared for a siesta, The Boy asked if i’d ever seen a Heineken Christmas Tree. Googling it, we agreed that it might be possible to construct one. It would require some ingenuity, but we had a fridge full of free beer and an afternoon to kill…

We did it. By exploiting some odds and ends we swiped borrowed from the hotel bar, we built a tree. Even rigged the desk lamp to light it from below.

We were joined for the night by two of The Girl’s friends – they’d stayed too late to catch the last buses home, so we shuffled the sleeping arrangements and made some room on the floor for the menfolk.

Midnight arrived, and we toasted our Christmas in Turkey.

“It’s the most beautiful Christmas tree ever.”

And it was…


* nhur, nhur, nhur…. “erected”…

44 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

    • if it is a requirement to have read the book this year prior to building that tree? my tree would be a bit small… but i’ve read a few more this year than last. hoping the trend continues!

    • The youngsters made fun of me, but i had to clean it all up, and bag the ‘branches’ before we checked out. i have a terrible guilt complex regarding the trashing of hotel rooms… Merry Christmas1

    • Thank you! i was pretty proud of how that turned out – especially the light. Given another day, i think i could have pinchec a few more of the clear plastic trays to make it brighter up top!

    • There will be a few more installments! Got home late last night, and got most of the stuff unpacked and thrown in the laundry bin. Will take another day to get the fundamentals sorted. i can do laundry on the weekend!

    • i’ll be going back! Istanbul is an amazing city – inhabited 5,000 years! And Izmir? i fell in love with it – and understand why my daughter will likely stay awhile.

    • This “Leave the country for Christmas” thing could become an annual event for me. So much easier than all that other stuff… Merry Christmas to you and your crew!

  1. The sight of all those empty Carlsberg bottles gets me misty-eyed, and i will concur with everyone that the tree in that photo is the most beautiful tree i’ve ever seen, i’m still trying to compose myself it’s so gorgeous, of course it is making me thirsty and the bars have not yet opened this morning but they will… happy chrimbo to the you and those swell kids of yours Ms. Daisy. yeah i know i’m a bit late but i’ve been drunk for a few days.

    • i’m looking into Milk Thistle. apparently it provides a gentle assist to the ol’ liver. i need it. going on a january de-tox. we could have built a tree twice that size by the time we were done, but it would have been risky… none of us were sufficiently steady to do it!

  2. Very nice, but all I see is a target for all the nerf ammo we have lying around the house. My son seems to have acquired multiple nerf weapons for Christmas this year. I’m starting to get sick of being shot at.

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