not Constantinople…

And away we go…

i’ll be a bit scarce in your comment boxes* over the next bit…

happy holidays. may you not strangle your loved ones, or strangers in shopping malls. may you enjoy the down time at the office, fucking off for pay. may you eat yourself into a sugar coma and gain no weight.

and may we avoid finding out the joys of a Turkish prison…


*not a euphemism. probably. well… except for you. and you know who you are.

36 thoughts on “not Constantinople…

    • Typically, it’s “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year”. The ‘happy holidays’ thing is just to save words, really… the right-wing nuts like to believe there’s a “War on CHRISTmas”, but we’re just lazy.

  1. Hope you’ve got thermal undies!
    Of course you’ll have a lovely time. Daisyfae never goes anywhere not intending to have fun!;-)

  2. it’s ftrue,whenever i hear/see istanbul, i think, not constantinople yeah, i’m goofy like that, sugar! merry christmas, happy christmas, joyous festivus, happy hannukah and have a great vacation! xoxoxoxox

    • Being in a Secular/Muslim country for the Christmas frenzy is not horrible… i already am quite happy without the barrage of “buy, buy, BUY!” from every angle…

  3. You’ll do fine! Check out the Afghan hounds for me. Oh, my human spent some time in that part of the world. He asks how you like the squats?

    • so far, only street hounds… but one AMAZING fella that was singing along to the Call to Prayer. my kids wouldn’t let me go back to get pictures or video. silly kids…

  4. Bring me some taffy!!! Oh, wait. Is that the wrong place? How about an Ottoman? Isn’t that where they are from? Have fun! We miss you!

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