After reading my post about my day of orthopedically-enhanced bike riding, Mr. X almost immediately demanded a retraction:  “Hey, I’m not 50 – I’m 51 and damn proud of it!”

The management regrets the error…

55 thoughts on “Retraction

  1. Here, I’ve learned something important. If you enclose your comment in less than and greater than symbols (like html), your comment doesn’t show up. It’s supposed to say WOLF WHISTLE.

  2. WordPress needs to work on some code that will convert alpha to sound.Then we could *really* whistle.:-)

    (For the record, one oldish woman very happily “spoken for” can still whistle loud and long.)

  3. yeah yeah..the outside looks awesome, but how is the inside working out for him?
    Like TUB said..I could look something like that too, but with lady parts, if I decided to get off the computer and diet, exercise, cut back on smoking and coffee. Aw, screw it..I still have a few years till I hit 50. I’ll wait it out.

    • the insides are pretty cool, too! smart, acerbic wit… and a good human being! while i’ll never find the same sort of delight in working my body the way he does, it is pretty intimidating inspiring to hang out with someone who can make this happen!

  4. and here i was trying to gently settle myself into accepting the (apparently patently false) reality that i’ll be a fluffy, yet extremely lovable, quasi-athlete-esque-ish-but-no-adonis kind of post-50s guy. we hates him. (but…damn!)

    • we all bring something different to the game, dear! and i like fluffy, extremely loveable, quasi-athlete-esque-ish-but-no-adonis kind of post-50’s guys, too!

      just be glad i didn’t take a shot a few weeks back – he’s been semi-sidelined with the leg injury, and last month it was even MORE ripped…

    • I gotta jump in here and say, I don’t know who Adam is, but he lied. I’ve seen some really scrumptious men over 50. Of course my Old Man tried to pull the I’m-over-40-so-that’s-the-reason-I-have-a-gut-Honey on me, at which point I told him no, it’s because you-drink-too-much-beer-Honey-and-don’t-exercise. He hates me some day. Ha..ha.. Ah well, he can still play a mean game of slap and tickle when he has to so I can ignore the gut-thing I guess.

      • Adam is fine! i figure i can’t demand any sort of physical attributes from my gents unless i’m willing to bust my own hump to achieve something or other to meet their specs! hell, i’m just grateful to have the opportunity to LOOK at this mans body up close….

  5. If I could make that little growly noise deep in my throat I would be doing that right now, but I guess a hunka-hunka, will have to do.

  6. A fine example to us all – thank you! UB is right – it greatly helps if there’s someone keeping you on the straight and narrow, who makes you use a mirror.

    • You’ve both missed it a bit — you absolutely COULD NOT achieve these results if you were doing it for anyone else. He is addicted to the workouts! It’s for himself. The fact that it looks good to others is a bonus….

  7. See – this is EXACTLY why I have a beer gut – to keep myself safe from the leering and salacious comments of older ladies.

    • and you’ll like this – he’s a rabid recycler! generates only small bits of waste, and aggressively pursues a ‘low trash’ lifestyle. well… i guess he’s made an exception for me…

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