Teach your children well…

Conversation with The Boy last week, as we prepared to head to the gun range to blast our way through his arsenal… Hadn’t seen him for a few weeks, and we were catching up on details – large and small.

The Boy:  I’m not really looking for a girlfriend.  I won’t settle down until I find a woman smarter than I am.

daisyfae:  Good plan.  My gents are all very intelligent, and smarter than i am in some way or another…

The Boy:  Yeah, but it’s easier for you to find smart men…


The Boy:  There are just a lot more smart men than smart women!

daisyfae:  Look, dickhead* – do you realize how smart your sister is?  How smart i am?

The Boy:  Calm down!  I know.  That Bell Curve?  You guys are on it…  Yeah.  Definitely.  Right there on it…

As testament to his bravery, it wasn’t an hour later that he was giving me a safety briefing on a .38 Smith and Wesson revolver…  Grrrr…

* He likes to get me riled up.  i don’t want to believe he’s the huge misogynist he pretends to be…

31 thoughts on “Teach your children well…

  1. There are just a lot more smart men than smart women!

    Boy’s got a point, though. Look at the popularity of television shows like “Glee”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, “American Idol” and “Dancing with the Stars”. There’s no way any *men* are watching those shows. (And if there are then, imo, they aren’t really men.)

    Oddly, (and on a serious note), we’re watching as the eldest girl seemingly sabotages yet another serious relationship. I’m thinking that, besides perhaps having commitment issues, she has yet to find a guy who is, in fact, her intellectual equal. I mean, at the end of the day, it’s kind of nice to have a partner you can actually *talk* to after you’re too tired and sore to f*ck any more.

    Oh, and FIRST!

    • not quite buying the “bad tv” argument – how could you explain the popularity of the “Jackass” series and NASCAR?

      hope things work out for Edie… who knows what goes on in the brainpan of others when it comes to relationships? it’s terribly hard to watch, though, when it’s a kid…

      personally? intellect is the number one (and two, and perhaps three) thing that can catch and keep my attention. but a huge dick is right up there! 😉

  2. when it comes to sons, i have learned they operate with a “shooting fish in a barrel” mentality when dealing with mom…or maybe, that’s just the coconut krewe! 😉 (naw, i think it’s all sons.) xoxoxox

  3. The smartest person is always the person wielding the largest gun. Disagree? Point a big gun at somebody and tell them to do something. They’ll do it.

    • i don’t think he’s looking. and i’m pretty sure he doesn’t believe that… he was raised in a place where intellect and humour were valued. it coudn’t have gone that far wrong…

  4. It’s just an older guy’s version of “boys rule, girl’s drool” which my kids used to say all the time when they were little. And I’d come up with the brilliant rejoinder – “Do not! Do not!”

  5. Oh my, he’s better watch his step if he ever ends up round here. Lancaster women would chew him up and spit him out for saying things like that.

    Sometimes my children say things which I think they’re just trying out, almost even to see how they sound out loud.

    • i should look into sending him to Lancaster for a few days! i think you’re right about that ‘trying out’ thing. the downside is that if you say something enough, sometimes you start to believe it…

  6. I’m going to try again to comment; our internet service is dicey and often times me out when there is too much competition for the band width.

    What I tried to say yesterday was that Jim used to tell Jesse that the recipe for a happy marriage is to find a woman smarter than he was and then work hard to keep her and keep her happy. He cited us as the perfect example of this principle, although I am not convinced that I am any smarter than he is. We are certainly intellectual equals, and I can say from experience that it IS very important to be able to talk and have fun together without the sexual excitement, which tends to become more like a warming set of banked coals that can be stirred into heat when the time is right rather than a bonfire….

    The Boy is certainly a brave man to tweak a pre-menopausal woman — even in fun…

    • i’m attracted to humans who are very, very smart! that can take many forms – from someone who can rehab a house singlehandedly, to someone with a deep comprehension of particle physics… i enjoy learning. surround yourself with smart people and you almost can’t avoid it!

      The Boy has a decent understanding of which lines cannot be crossed. he must. he still lives!

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