33 thoughts on “Cure for PMS

    • i have always joked that the perfect elite “special forces” team would be a pack of specially trained women, with synchronized PMS. chocolate drop, 100 yards behind enemy lines… but the concept breaks down because there is somewhere, some poor bastard who will have to give them the order…

    • Hi bschooled! Thanks for stopping by! And yes, this would be a fabulous ad for the NRA. i am not a ‘gun person’. i’ve done some target, skeet and trap shooting in the past with folks who know what they are doing, and found it fun and challenging.

      today was all about blowing the shit out of a bunch of targets as fast as i could. until i got yelled at by a cranky old guy for violating the ‘rapid fire’ rule of the range. bastard.

    • i can’t aim well enough to actually hit anything. if i ever need something for home defense, or to deal with zombies, it’ll have to be an ‘alley sweeper’ (sawed off shotgun) which requires no aim…

    • as i told robin, i’ve learned that i can’t shoot… however, when sufficiently enraged, i can tear someone’s head off with my words. and make them run and hide…

    • my hair? MY HAIR? My hair looks like HELL! it’s falling out again, and frizzy, and i’d completely shave my head if it weren’t for the scars from the car accident in ’82 that make me look like frankenstein…

  1. yeah yeah yeah..what would really impress me is if you could “suck a golf ball through a garden hose”. Then I’ll be scared.
    My brother has plenty of big guns, small guns and bad ass bows that I can barely pick up let alone pull back the string to shoot..he’s a true hunter, not the hillbilly kind. I’ve know how to shoot a gun since I was a kid. I’ve never owned one since I usually have issues with controlling the old PMS. Though now the law allows for those kind of mental cop-outs during trial. *hmmm, rethinks purchasing a gun*

    • ummmm…. i’m going with “no comment” to the front end of that one! i am highly unlikely to ever own a gun – just don’t love them, and know very little about them. but i do enjoy going out with folks who know what they’re doing and blowing the crap out of clay pigeons every now and then!

      • for some reason while reading this particular story, the movie line popped up in my head. I can’t even remember the name of it just that it was a pretty good movie. Just goes to show how old I am to remember that old line.

  2. One of my favorite ways to reduce stress and “get my head right”.
    Blow shit up!
    I learned how to use a gun properly and shoot when I was about 8-9, and have been a fan ever since.

    Packin’ heat …. bwahahahahaha!
    Blow ’em all to hell Daisyfae! =)

    • as a kid, i was a classic 4th of July pyromaniac with the illegal fireworks. shooting on a range is far safer, i think. although i did unexpectly unload the .30-.30 and about crapped my pants in the process…

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