Granny Busts A Hip. Again.

Spent a day farting around with Mr. X, my 50-year old gentleman friend who has a fitness addiction, and the physique of a gymnast*.  We are both cyclists, although he’s a bit more serious as both a commuter and a long-distance rider.

He’s currently sporting a boot on his left calf, due to a bone fracture acquired during one of his weekly roller hockey bouts.  Me?  A knee brace, due to a gentle mis-step while dancing on a Honduran bar during a foam party.

Since we were both feeling pretty gimpy, we decided to bag our usual bike ride, and just take in a matinée.  Even giving in to using a car for the five-mile trip…

By the time we were done with a late lunch, the sun had emerged, and it turned into a gorgeous day.  So we played with his bicycle collection!  He’s got a recumbent, a tandem and even a recumbent tandem!  Mostly, though, i wanted to play with his kickbike**.  Taking it out for a spin through the residential street where he lives, i eventually got the hang of it – knee brace notwithstanding!

Decided to try his recumbent bike, too, as i’ve never ridden one.  As i was playing with that, he got on the kickbike to play around a little, too.  With his broken leg in a boot…

We farted around with his entire fleet for a bit – and if anyone had seen us out there, we’d have certainly looked insane…

While yakking with The Girl this morning, i was filling her in on my day out… explaining our varying degrees of decrepit which didn’t quite deter us from farting around on the wheeled toys.

The Girl:  You crazy old folks!  Always*** falling down and breaking bones…

this image, and more happy hippie gear, can be found here

* Six-pack.  And i’m not talking about what’s in his fridge…

** Not entirely a euphemism

*** This is not the first time i’ve been ‘walking wounded’ over a stupid dance-related injury, or worse – being an eeejit on a playground.  The Girl has seen me limping more often than walking…

40 thoughts on “Granny Busts A Hip. Again.

  1. I just clicked back to that playground post. Oh, yes, huge tsunami of memories. Over here nowadays, trampolines come with safety nets! When I was a kid we didn’t have trampolines. We had woven-wire beds.Which sometimes broke if too many exuberant brats were jumping.And we didn’t wear bike helmets.Mouthguards? Don’t be silly! That’s why we had dentists!
    I don’t do quite as many dumb-ass things these days, but I’m glad I cut my teeth(and various other bits of anatomy) the “proper” way. 😉

    • my son was able to bypass all safety constraints anyway! some kids are just wired that way! i think we’ve got a generation of coddled, mushies… makes me a little frightened!

  2. And who among the decrepid generation has scar free knees. You came off your bike/roller skates/whatever. Your knees copped a pounding. Certainly no knee pads. Don’t think they were invented.

    • i have a scar on the TOP of my foot from stepping on a nail-encrusted board while swiping construction materials barefoot. those tree forts don’t build themselves, you know! quite proud of that one…

  3. A foam party? I am living a sheltered life. I want to go to a foam party with you. Honduran, yup. But now, Daisy Fae, I’m curious about his recumbent, his tandem, and his recumbent tandem. I just never heard it called that before. Again, I’ve been sheltered.

    • it was an unanticipated foam party at that! we were dancing one minute, then covered in soap the next! i had no idea it was coming!

      as for the equipment, i was referring to bikes. bicycles. things you ride. (i’m not helping, am i?) 🙂

    • the kickbike (similar to a pushbike, i suspect) is so much fun! he has one that is an ‘about town’ cruiser, and two little racers that he bought used! even on a level street, i was able to get it moving fairly quickly! pump up those tires and get out and play!

    • there is “growing old” and “growing old well”. it’s a lot of work to do the latter… maintaining bone density, heart/lung function, muscle mass. these are things that are not of concern to the young. and doing it all with fewer functioning brain cells? argh!

    • different balance issues, for sure. turning is not the same – knees have to go outside the handlebars, or you can get tangled. i’d love one for long distance rides on bike paths. around town? i think it would be a pain…

  4. When I saw the title of this post my first thought was something had happened to your mother! You are far, far away from being classified as a granny, my dear. It would be great if more grannies were like you. 🙂

    • not momma… just me! she’s still hanging in there… at the moment, i feel rather old. but that’s just because i did a long ride on the bicycle today and it kicked my ass…

  5. I just had a really bad memory of me getting on one of my boys skateboards when they were younger. Umm…yeah! Like that wasn’t an accident waiting to happen. I was about as prepared for that as I was when my daughter asked me to teach her how to do a back-bend. My mind remembered. My body? Not so much… I try and stay off anything with wheels, or movements that require bending at odd angles now.

    • oh, i tried that in my 30’s. once. seemed like SUCH a grand idea at the time, didn’t it? unfortunately, i did it while The Boy and his pals were watching. ouch.

  6. You are a truly enlightening friend. Now I know what a foam party is, along with a bunch of bike names. Now, when I get together with my biker buddies I won’t look so dumb.

    • i should e-mail you the really good shots from the foam party… there are a few of me dancing on the bar, covered in suds, with a bunch of local gals. oy. someday i shall have to learn to behave…

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