In semiconductor device research there are often surprises when the device or circuit designed does not operate as it should.  “Device parasitics”.  Ugh.  This means that some part of the device, or circuit, is behaving like something it is not supposed to be…

While the device or circuit may seem to be running normally, when pushed into operation outside normal conditions, it may take a massive electronic dump, shutting down unexpectedly, and perhaps taking out very expensive systems as collateral damage.

In other news…

“We really need to get together again!  That was SO much fun last time!”

“Are you going to the party at Twyla and Grover’s place this weekend?  You always get the dancing started!  Bring your drums and hula hoop!”

“Can you make it to the workshop on the east coast in November?  It’s going to suck.  We need you there for post-session therapy!”

Fuck it folks.  i’m down for the count.  Something in my circuits is behaving badly.

Stay out of my intestines for a bit while i recover…  My party circuits shot a massive load over the past few weeks and are broken.  Contrary to the rumors, i am not a perpetual motion machine, fueled by bacon.

My efficiency is low, and what little energy i have at the moment is focused on driving the massive quantities of snot from my cranial cavities.

Yeah.  Drop dead sexy.  That’s me.  Now leave me alone and pass the fucking Nyquil.

Parasite Pals are availble here – Get ’em before the Christmas rush!

43 thoughts on “Parasitics

  1. Aaaaargh. Snot issues make a body feel vile. I was taught in science at school that ‘matter can neither be created nor destroyed’. If this is true where does all the snot come from, and why am I not 20 kilos lighter after enduring a cold.
    Get better soon.

  2. It would seem that in quest for the ultimate in “farting around”, one does forget that – after one reaches a certain age (dare I say it? I did.) – one must pace one self. Else one will – as they say – crash and burn. Get well soon! (I should take a lesson from this as the pace of reno’s has ramped up to keep me awake ’til the late hours as the impending date heralding the arrival of the dreaded “company” marches relentlessly nearer.)

    • pacing is important. but the headcold/bug is what really knocked me down this week. that, and a SERIOUS round of the “anti-socials”. thought you were almost done with the reno – you are taking on a herculean task! i believe your entire house will be new by the time you’re done with this round!

      • Nope, not done. Will likely never be done, so the house will be perpetually new. Nah, I don’t believe that. Retirement beckons…..

        Regarding pacing? We gets the germs whens we lets the ol’ bod gets run doon.

    • dog and cat. Huey has finally forgiven me for being gone for a week…

      i actually switched to Theraflu PM. Nyquil worked, but always gives me hallucinations after 3 nights – full on “Friday the 13th”-style nightmares. this stuff is much better…

  3. Sorry to hear you’re sick.

    But you’re in good company (yes, I’m saying that). I’ve been down for the count for five days with some sort of germ mutiny. ‘Tis going around– all over the country it seems.

    I hope you feel better soon!

    • everyone at work has this – which is probably where i picked it up. the place sounds a bit like a TB ward. lots of hacking and sneezing.

      starting to come out of it. hope yours is lifting as well…

  4. That’s what you get for leaving the office again..You felt great..great times on vacation made you feel comfortable, relaxed..You let your guard down for one second and BAM..those little buggers will (pardon the pun) worm their way into your life.
    Now..chug that Nyquil and get your ass back to the land of the living..(snot free preferred) hope you feel better soon.

    • Ewww… that particular quote creeps me out more than most Jackson-related topics. i’ll be fine. i’m just having a good old fashioned whinge… i’ll get over it shortly.

  5. Cool. New excuse to use. The next time I’m having a bad day and the old man asks “What the hell is wrong with you?” I’m going to look at him and say “Device Parasitics.” Let him scratch his head on that one for a while, the dumb-ass.
    Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  6. So sorry, Babe! Colds suck. Maybe I’m too whiny (okay, we all know I’m too whiny), but it always strikes me when I’m sick that I need a mommy. When my kids or husband is sick, I nurse them back to health. When I’m sick I have to hit CVS, make myself some tea, and nurse my damn self. I’m getting pissed off just thinking about it. Must go kill someone.

    Wait! Feel better!!!!

    • i don’t mind taking care of sick people, in general. but when i’m sick, i don’t want anyone near me. i prefer to just sit around in a t-shirt and socks, tissue stuffed into my nose to pre-emptively stop any runaways, scratch my bits, drink beer and vegetate while staring at the tv, or computer.

      holy shit. i just realized that when i’m sick, i turn into a 50 year old married man!

      • I have a theory that most women,if they alone or allowed, are like that.
        I suspect it’s to do with Nature getting to the point of gender selection in utero when it’s all too much bother and Nature just buggers off and abandons the warring chromosomes…some of us end up with just enough testosterone to either scratch ourselves or kill someone when we get sick.
        Yes, I AM feeling a little under the weather today. 🙂

  7. Burn the candle at both ends for long enough and it will melt down. Sounds like you finally stressed your immune system a little too far. But this too shall pass. Colds suck.

    Tea and vitamin C and echinacea… and time.

  8. I was sick for eight whole days. EIGHT WHOLE DAYS. It was torture. I finally dragged myself to an urgent care clinic and they gave me antibiotics and codeine. I stopped complaining after I got the codeine.

  9. I was feeling all smug until I work up with a sore throat this morning. I can hardly wait to see which direction it goes, to my head or into my chest. Whiskey. Whiskey will make them happy.

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