Unspoken Question

It was a very long week.  Thursday evening was the first night i had nothing scheduled…. and my four days at work, post-vacation, were extremely smelly.

Battling a headcoldfromhell, i got the car in the driveway around 5pm, and took Mr. Pickles out for a quick walk.  Coming back through the garage, i was mentally preparing to throw on the jammies and call it a night.

Mr. P had other ideas.

Instead of heading in the house, he turned and jumped in the Jeep.

Yes, my dearest pup!  It has been awhile since we’ve gone to the dog park.


And he had a ball….

26 thoughts on “Unspoken Question

    • i don’t consider it ‘passive aggressive’ when he does it… it’s a bit more genuine than that… he’s only with me for a little while longer. i cannot refuse him much of anything!

    • Quite. I mean, with automatic transmission it should be possible for the lazy brute to drive there himself. OK, he may not have a licence, but put him in a blonde wig and he’d be a dead ringer for Paris Hilton which should confuse the police a bit.

      • @wigsf – as the saying goes “if dogs had thumbs, they’d get you a beer. if cats had thumbs, they’d steal your car”. i’d say a cat has a better chance of getting somewhere important…

        @jon – oh, but it’s a manual transmission! he does resemble Ms. Hilton, except (as dense as he is) he’s much smarter…

  1. That’s why i’m a cat guy, they don’t need walks. And the sure fire way to beat a cold is one Guinness a day as soon as it starts, i felt one coming on friday and have pretty much fended it off using my home remedy… though on friday i had 3, you know to jump start the healing.

    • the cat manages his own guilt trips. now that i have one of each, i believe they both have strengths and weaknesses. and that walking the dog in pissing rainstorms is a definite downside… i’ll have a guinness or six. and see if i can catch up on my meds…

  2. How clever of him was that, Mom?
    We just had to put down our four year old, Pitbull, that had cancer last Monday. Mine and my husband’s child. I remember all the times I was tired and had to be mommy anyway. I wish now I had them back. Cherish the time you got. Unfortunately our best friends never last as long as we do.

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