37 thoughts on “We’ll be right back…

  1. Damn You and your grown kids who allow you time to travel!!!! Going to Turkey to see the Girl already?
    I’m sure it’s on your list of things to do.
    Hope you’re having a great time

    • for now. i have a short window of being “childless” and being “mobile”. i will not waste a minute of this window… not making it to Turkey just yet. trying to figure out a way to get there, though…

    • the two weeks this summer was my first bit of vacation. i’ve schedule my other two weeks for this week, and another in November. pushing the vacation into the second half of the year helps my brain!

  2. Hmm…math was never my strong point, but another cyber friend of yours from not far away is also packing wetsuit-sort-of-things. 1+1 = ?

    And, since you will be safely away, I might post a spider pic! Enjoy.;-)

    • so far, so good! ‘swimming’ not ‘sleeping’ with our gilled brethren… it’s pretty wild. 48 hours since we first started diving? i’ve got 12 dives under my weight belt, and a total of over 9 hours under water. pretty aggressive diving… and gorgeous!

  3. Well, next time you get the urge to to the plunge, remember I’m right where some of the best dive sites are. Or at least within shooting distance…you could get to Sydney, get bladdered with The Nurse and SE and god knows who else then head north and lose the hangover in the Whitsundays…

    • diving in your hemisphere is on my ‘to do’ list! one of our divemasters was from Wellington, NZ… probably need to get more serious about planning that trip south… time has a way of getting lost!

    • Delighted you stopped by! And thanks for bringing in the newspapers from the walkway! i’m in town for a bit… and hope to catch up on blog reading shortly! right after i de-skunk my scuba gear…

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