The summer winds…

Another pinning point passes.  Labor Day marks the “end of summer”.  A good time to take a quick look back and see how it went…

Three months.  Very little time at home.  That’s what winter is for…

– Long weekend with two cousins i like.  We got tired of seeing each other only when we were putting somebody in the ground.  Planned it in the Spring, and managed to pull it together and have a great time in August!

– On about two weeks notice, my daughter packed up and moved overseas for a year.  Poof!  Onward!

– Grand holiday in the big cities!  Two weeks of farting around with glorious companions!  My first NYC off-Broadway show, and comedy club.  And a few more blog mates stepped out from inside my computer…

– Re-established the reading habit, clearing a few books off the pile on the nightstand.  Also started pumping up the guns via “30 Days”.

– First zipline tour.  My paralyzing fear of heights can be managed, and should go fuck itself.  Ha!

Baby’s First Roofie.

– Acquired a new hobby: backpacking.  First overnight, plus a few conditioning hikes under my belt…

– Twenty pounds vaporized since Memorial Day.  Winning a small battle in a life-long war… At least 25 more to go… target is another 20 before Christmas.

– Stage Monkey working local Celtic Festival.  Danced, laughed, and sweated myself into a coma for three days.  Alcohol may have been a factor… 

– Pedaled my arse all over town.  Still bicycling.  More public advocacy ahead…

– Played with a serious band at the big summer picnic, checking something off the ol’ bucket list.  Did it with only three weeks of rehearsals.  The answer is “yes, i have what it takes to front a rock and roll band for three hours”.  The corollary is “No, i do not wish to do this for realz… it’s a lot of work and i’m really pretty lazy.”

– First river float!  After 30 years of driving past the outfitter on my way to The Park and saying “Damn, i really want to do that one of these days”, managed to get in a float this past weekend – just making the ‘end of summer’ target.  It’s not whitewater rafting, but it’s a good time.  Have successfully checked “Class 0.005 Rapids” off of my life list…

– Turned 49.  Realized that the 40’s have been my best decade.  So far… Bring on another year… and another decade…

47 thoughts on “The summer winds…

  1. I thought my 40’s were the best, too. Still do, really, for most things. My brain had cleared up from all that annoying growing up stuff and my body hadn’t started to deteriorate much.

    • one more year of 40’s. knowing that degradation happens,despite my best effort, i expect the next year to be epic! chasing whale sharks shortly… let the final year be off the hook. pretty please?

    • there are more serious rafting adventures in the works…. but gently. i’m not a spring chicken, and despite outward appearances, i manage my risks aggressively. doing the colorado through the grand canyon is likely…

  2. Wow, what a fantastic summer!

    You don’t sound a bit lazy to me with all that fun you’re having.

    So far my 40s have sucked, but I have 5 1/2 years to make them better, and you’ve inspired me.

    25 pounds since Memorial Day? Geesh, you rock! Best of luck with the last 20 but with all that activity you’ll have no trouble at all shedding them. =)

    • maybe not lazy, but i certainly lack focus… it’s been a good summer, although i haven’t necessarily mentioned the crunchy parts. we all have them.

      here’s to you finding your stride in the next few years. there is power in independence. power in finding your own groove. i hope you get it – and that those next 5 1/2 years are yummy for you!

  3. I liked my 40s but so far, the 50s have been pretty darn nice. Except for the recession but you can’t have looks, wisdom and money all at the same time. You would become a politician if you did.

    • thanks for stopping by, burstmode (love your photos!)! as long as i stay healthy, i think my 50’s are going to be a lot of fun as well… i’d settle for any two of those three at any given time… as meatloaf said “two out of three ain’t bad”.

  4. Age is just a number …. you’re only as old as you feel (or let yourself feel).
    You look gorgeous in all your pictures!
    Definitely a woman who’s living in the moment, and LOVING it!

    My 40’s so far haven’t been a whole lot of fun … but I haven’t given up on them!

  5. No wonder you have been successful at losing weight with the hiking and biking! Eating “real” food will help that process too. And being happy and fulfilled as well.

    Speaking from personal experience, as I enter my last “50” year, I would say that when you are busy, active, engaged and involved, every decade gets better and better. At the end of my 30s I thought that was the best time of my life. At the end of my 40s I thought THAT was the best time. Now I’m reaching the end of my 50s and the past decade has been one of the most fun and busiest yet.

    With all that experience to draw on, I am rejoicing in the accomplishments of the last decade and looking forward with great glee to the next decade! I can hardly wait to see what will happen next! It appears that in the next five years or so there will most likely be a major relocation; that should be interesting.

    I like that Labor Day is a “pinning” point for you. It is for a lot of people, and goes back to our days in school when we went back to school right after Labor Day, and so summer vacation was over. In the last 15 years, my pinning points have shifted to the actual equinoxes and solstices rather than the federal and christian holidays that surround them. As a self employed person, those federal holidays are merely days the bank is not open rather than anything really meaningful. A lot of times I don’t even realize there is a holiday going on until I’m trying to make a massage appointment for someone and they say “That is President’s Day, are you sure you want to work on a holiday?”

    You go girl! As if you weren’t already going full blast.

    • the 30’s — years spent hanging with my critters — were pretty amazing, too! but looking forward, the opportunity for immersion in whatever i am drawn to… pretty overwhelming. expecting that my body will slow down at some point, and i may develop more cerebral ventures. at the moment? it’s full throttle…

      the holidays mean less and less, as the children are moving onward. they are just extra days off work, allowing more play time!

    • low carb, high protein, calorie managed, calories burned (bicycling). it’s math, for the most part. but the reduction of carbs has made this happen far more quickly. will have to pay close attention to sustain it, however, and keep to the low calorie approach…

      bottom line? it’s a pain in the arse… i keep track of everything i eat, and everything i burn, online in a fitness journal (and there are many options… i use “fitday”).

  6. The more women turn 49 the better – I’ve enjoyed a couple of them and I hope they won’t be the last! The silly self-obssession of the 20s is gone, the labour and drudgery of child-rearing is largely over, perhaps the marriage has one gone west so they’re freer to do what they want to do… a good set of years, I think.

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