Fashion Sense?

When asking a friend with a beach place in North Carolina how he weathered the latest hurricane, i was instead regaled with a lovely tale of stupidity…  

A fashion industry icon, living in posh digs in Manhattan, was doing his best to heed the hurricane preparation recommendations.  Emergency management guidelines encourage residents in the path of a hurricane to “fill the bathtub with water”.  

Filling his tub with several cases of Evian bottled water, he just simply didn’t get the point of putting the bottles in the tub. 

“Maybe it’s to protect them from potential hurricane damage? Keep the bottles from breaking? I don’t know… I just don’t get it.”

pic found here

33 thoughts on “Fashion Sense?

    • it was an acquaintance of a friend of a friend… that’s all i know. but i can’t imagine a scenario where this nimrod and i would ever cross paths, unless he stepped off a curb in front of my car…

    • former president Bush was lampooned for not having a clue about the price of a gallon of milk… i think living a year as a human of moderate means should be a requirement for those seeking political office….

    • it’s a ‘friend of a friend’ story, so i cannot vouch for verity. but… i want to believe this, therefore, invoking the law of urban legends, it is true.

  1. i am shocked and appalled, sugar! no reason other than i like saying that when stupidity rears its funny little head! (send me an email with the designer’s name. please, pretty please, i’ll buy 6 rounds when you’re next in town please) *giggling like a i-read-too-much-vogue teenager* xoxoxoxox

    • i like “shocked and appalled”. will use that in the future… i don’t now a name, but will be actively tracking it down. enquiring minds… and besides, this particular friend tracks the blog, thinks you’re awesome, and will owe me an answer!

  2. Oy. But at least he was trying to prepare. There are any number of folks who don’t prepare at all because — oh — a. the disaster probably isn’t going to happen anyway, or b. I can get that stuff at the store after the disaster or c. I don’t drink that much water or d. I wasn’t paying attention to the news or e. I’m not going to evacuate because THIS is where I live and I ain’t leaving. Then when they find out the can’t get to the store because the hurricane washed out all the roads and they actually do need some water and they are now stuck on top of their house in a big flood and whining that someone should come rescue them….

    Reminds me of the story of the guy who was in a big flood and stuck on his roof top. One of his neighbors came by in his row boat and offered to ferry him to safety, and he replied, “Oh no, God will provide for me.” The next day, someone came by in a dingy, and offered to save him. Again he refused, saying God would provide. The next day the waters were even deeper and a National Guard helicopter came over and again he refused rescue, saying God would provide. Needless to say, his house washed away and he was drowned. When he got to Heaven, he asked God, “MY faith is so great, I knew you would provide for me. Why didn’t you?” And God said, “Hell, man. I sent you two boats and a helicopter. What more did you want?”

    • i think your tale of “What the hell did you WANT?!” sums it up nicely. sometimes we don’t know what it feels like when we’re being saved from a train…

  3. Well, you know what Evian is spelled backwards? This person should be using toidi water.

    Ah, in a real disaster, people like this will be the first to perish, leaving their cases of evian for me to pick up.

    • i had a 5 gallon jug in a closet that was my emergency toilet stash… for power outages, because we had a well with an electric pump, i taught the kids “If it’s yellow, let it mellow. If it’s brown, flush it down.” as the water conservation jingle….

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