Carry that weight…

“Maximum weight in your backpack should be no more than 40% of your body weight.  And you want to start well below that…”

Advice from a new friend, who agreed to coach basic backpacking, and introduce me to the local trails.   My adventure buddy, Studley McRocklegs, is playing along, as we add another skill-set to our adventure toy chest. 

Prepping my pack, i decided to start with twenty-five pounds.  My tent, sleeping bag, and about a gallon of water in a sealed jug was my starting load. i hopped on the scale to weigh the result. 

Twenty two and a half pounds.  Seemed a helluva lot heavier to me, though, as i hoisted it onto my back.

Then it hit me:  this is exactly how much weight i’ve dropped since the beginning of May.  

Damn. i’ve been carrying around a LOT of excess.  With another twenty-five pounds (minimum) still to be shed, i’m pretty sure i’ll feel a helluva lot better by the time i get there.  

And it’s sure going to make the backpacking easier…


45 thoughts on “Carry that weight…

    • it’s been slow and steady. but GOD, i miss bread. and pizza. and potatoes….

      the first goal was to lose enough to fit back into my wetsuit – i think i did it. next goal? start running again… we’ll see if i ever lose enough to do that…

  1. In my case, it’s called “a redistribution of assets” Accent on the first syllable of the last word, unfortunately. 😦
    I’m off now to walk down to the beach …

  2. Hey there, Daisyfae! Brian (tysdaddy) here, leaving a comment from my wife’s computer, and I don’t want to log her out, so . . . well, there you have it.

    Just wanted to encourage you, sister. Losing weight is a bugger of an undertaking. Having lost nearly 200 pounds, I know a bit about carrying around extra weight. Now, at work, when I have to toss fifty pound bags, I stop occasionally and think about how the hell I managed to carry out four of them fuckers for so long.

    Amazing progress, my friend.

    And I’ll second nursemyra on the Tim O’Brien book. Pick it up. Now . . .

  3. That’s wonderful! Congrats! You look very professional and hiker-y with your backpack. I’m impressed. For the record, I think you’re adorable just the way you are. Yet, I’m known to be delusional about myself. I think I’m tall and willowy.

  4. Walking is the ideal exercise – strengthens the heart, firms up the buttucks and re-inforces the soul. Running, on the other hand, wrecks the knees. Mind you, I’ve heard that you have mountain lions out your way (the most threatening wildlife we have here is agricola vulgaris, which comes equipped with a shotgun and anger issues) – is there some sort of repelant one can buy?

    • my energy goes up with the weightloss. it’s amazing how hard it is to carry the excess… makes my heart break for folks who are battling very serious weight issues. every step is a massive effort…

  5. Well, I see someone has already provided my recommendation for your second book “How to Shit in the Woods”. Indispensable, really.

    Interesting idea about that max of 40% of body weight. I think the old voyageurs would routinely pack loads of 150 to 200 pounds, which was likely more than 100% of their body weight. The technology of the pack was non-existent as well, except, perhaps, for the use of something called a tongue strap which more or less went around the head.

    At any rate, kudos to you for picking up yet another skill/pastime. If you’re out and about in the woods at all, make sure you do tick checks afterwards. Best done with a partner, if you’re okay getting nekkid with said partner!

    • i will definitely be picking up that book as well! would be a problem if i couldn’t!

      agree that recreational trekking is far different than the necessary kind. i think about the 100 pound packs our military folks routinely carry in adverse conditions. and it makes me want to quit whining.

      i’m a ‘long sleeve/long pants’ hiker when doing so in tick-prone areas. light clothing helps, too, to be able to see the little bloodsuckers. i can handle the nekkid part. but ticks make me queasy….

  6. WOW, that’s really awesome! I miss butter, but when I pick up a pound of butter and know that since March I’ve lost 34 pounds of them, I don’t miss butter at all. And yes, like you I feel mucho better-o!

  7. Awesome. Helps to have a visual. I had a similar epiphany a few years ago when I was looking at Teva and Isabel and realized that at 24 pounds total, I’d lost more than two cats’ worth of weight.

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