Text Noir…

Text exchange with The Boy this week…

daisyfae:  What’s the word from your mouthpiece?

The Boy [20 minutes later]: What the fuck are you talking about?

daisyfae:  Lawyer?

The Boy:  Forgot to call him today. Probably tomorrow.  Why did you say ‘mouthpiece’?

daisyfae: That’s what gangsters in 40’s movies called their lawyers!

The Boy: I never heard that before.  You’re showing your age.  You dames and your jargon…

Awesome Cagney pic found here!

44 thoughts on “Text Noir…

    • that’s some jargon he probably knows pretty well… we once played a car game to name all sorts of slang words for various things, and “weed” was a fun category!

  1. I refuse to communicate with my own offspring via the abortion that is ‘text-speak’. We do not speak the same language on any wavelength, end of. I take great delight in refusing to move on from the era in which I was happiest growing up in and shall remain here in the past remembering the great days before cell phones and laptops ensured an uninterrupted lunch break.

    • i find it convenient, but hold to the convention of complete spelling and reasonable grammar, when using text… as do both of my spawn. no “r u on ur way?” kinda crap….

  2. Ah, applesauce! Tell the boy he’s all wet and if he snaps his cap you’ll take a powder the next time you Ameche him. You’re no fuddy-duddy, Daisyfae. You’re always cookin’ with gas and not khaki wacky like some dolls. Tell him to cast an eyeball and he’ll see that you’re a Fifth Avenue dame who’s a B.Y.T. who’s got her boots on. You can get togged to the bricks and drag a hoof with the best of them. Now you go have some giggle water and tell him to spread out, see?

    • i used to love the gangster flicks… shown on the 4 o’clock movie program, along with a bit of 1950’s sci-fi and the occasional “Ma and Pa Kettle” or “Three Stooges” flick…

    • Having a blast with this – and it was pretty unexpected, which is usually when my wonderful commenter folks step up the game!

      “raised my spawn to gold”? well… i like to think so, but i’m still in the camp of “keep him alive til he’s 25” as to when i’ll make the judgment on success or failure…

  3. Ummm, Nursemyra, I think you mean that the boy should get ‘hep to the jive.’ ‘Hip’ came later.
    Sheesh…I am really old!

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