Double Corset in the Windy City

This has been too much fun… Taking advantage of the goofy decor in the hotel suite, we were able to do a double corset shot with the head of William Shakespeare in the background. 

This “self-portrait with 10-second timer” thing has proven to be a bit of a challenge, however… this one catches nursemyra doing a last minute rack adjustment…

We had better luck with the set photographed by the orange chaise lounge.  Red leather corset purchased in Chicago, and my powder blue lace rig found in an East Village thrift store.

nursemyra has posted her photos from the Chicago session here.  Love the one of her sitting across the lounge chair! 

We had a blast.  Our NYC tourguide, unbearable banishment, was an absolute delight!  Meeting Shrink Rap and alone…with cats?  Delicious!  We giggled our way through Manhattan, fueled by margaritas!

And our local host in Chicago was none other than rassles!  She is so much fun to hang out with, i’m just going to have to come back!  Suspect that we could find all kinds of trouble under the right circumstances…

30 thoughts on “Double Corset in the Windy City

    • the meet-ups were definitely a highlight! so cool when the friends who live inside your computer pop out and become real!

      and yes… the re-entry after the holiday has been a bit of a challenge. motorcycle? still not done. work? huge cluster-fuck. dog? painted my carpets with poo… (sigh)

    • nursemyra got us some pretty wonderful digs in NYC, so we had to find something wonderful in Chicago, too! a camper simply wouldn’t do… and air conditioning was rather necessary!

    • i’m not sure about Momma, but i have no doubt you could rock the hardware if you wanted to… suspect humanity would welcome the opportunity! not the “Mom/Daughter Corsetry”. that’s kinda creepy…

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